10 Best Backup Cameras in 2020 – Reviews

for a safer driving experience, you need to be able to see clearly. This isn’t about cleaning your windows, it’s about blind spots, and difficult to see places behind your vehicle. The best backup camera for cars, lorries and other vehicles is going to make a huge difference. They can significantly reduce accidents that involve other vehicles, and even pedestrians, making them an important addition to any vehicle.

There are a lot of professional level products that offer a clear resolution, with big cameras to make reversing easier. Some of them include extras that will make life easier, and all of the products on our top ten list are of high-quality. They can save lives, and money on insurance if you avoid an accident, so let’s see what goes into a quality backup camera.

Best Backup Cameras – Top List

10. Calmoor License Plate Wireless Back-up Camera, Universal Wireless Camera

The camera secures nicely to your license plate, keeping it stable and in place. The camera itself is wireless and cannot be interrupted or offer interference. It has a range of 45 feet making it perfect for bigger vehicles and works even better in cars. The monitor connects to the cigarette lighter and is quick to set up. It offers a 170 degree angle of vision which is impressive and more than a lot of the more expensive products in this niche. This camera works well in low light conditions, and can even withstand temperatures of -4F. The camera has guidelines for parking, making your life easier, which is why you probably want a backup camera for your car in the first place.

9. Dohones Best HD 720P Backup Camera and Monitor One Power Kit

Another device that is simple to set up. Once it has been connected to the reverse lights, the HD camera will switch on just as you need it. The 4.3-inch monitor is non-intrusive, fits easily on your dashboard via a secure pedestal via adhesive foam so it never slips. You are also able to mount it onto your windshield should you require. With a 150 degree viewing angle, the camera is waterproof and contains 7LED lights so it is easily distinguished. With a 2-year warranty, it has everything you need to get going, helping you to park and does not get overly hot or use excessive power.

8. Emmako Wireless Backup Camera 7 inch Monitor HD Color System

With a large monitor, this quality backup camera system gives you a large viewing point to help you avoid accidents. The camera attaches to your license plate, giving you the best angle for reversing. The camera is wireless which is convenient and is waterproof. With a superior night vision capability, it comes with a variety of viewing options. You can choose to switch the camera on/off, but also adjust the width or even downward angle from the monitor screen. It has a 33 ft signal capability which means it can be used in pickup trucks, SUV’s minivans and more. It fixes to your dashboard, giving you the big monitor experience that others are not capable of.

7. AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera Kit

If you are not into complicated installations, then this is right up your street. The simple connection makes it one easy to use backup camera for cars. The monitor is a standard 4.3 inch which seems to be a popular size for a backup camera monitor. This one has a tilted hood that prevents glare so you can reverse with ease. It has been built with safety in mind, meaning it will not lose connection, or interfere with other devices, and is consistent in its strength. The waterproof camera has an improved night vision capability thanks to the LED lights at the back – they switch off when the camera is in use. The suction cup holds onto the dashboard securely and can be washed at any time.

6. Fookoo Ⅱ HD Backup Camera System Kit, 1080P Reversing Monitor

This reversible monitor offers you the confidence to backup safely. It has an advanced night vision capability and comes with 18 infrared lights to alert others of your presence. This keeps you safer in the dark, which is another bonus. It has auto-dimming, so at night it won’t impact your sight when looking to the road. This backup camera won’t let you down in extreme weather conditions, working as low as -4F and still maintaining its high standards of quality. It is comparable with a range of vehicles and comes with a huge 36-month replacement warranty. With guidelines to help you reverse and a 1080P screen, you get a lot of value with this well priced backup camera.

5. Yanees Backup Camera w/Night Vision

A compact device that fits all vehicles. The HD camera provides a crisp video on the monitor, reducing the likelihood of mistakes when reversing. Even at night, the resolution is extremely vivid when compared to other backup cameras in the price range. It is a good value addition to your car, it has a very wide 170 degree viewing angle which is better than most. The durable materials are built to last, so it won’t let you down when you most need it. The camera itself can withstand rough conditions and comes with a 2-year replacement warranty. It has everything you need to get going, including parking guidelines on camera, and even corrects white balance for a better picture.

4. ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit

This comes with a link to their installation video which makes it easy to install. We like the fact that it is wireless, relying on the antenna to link the camera to the monitor. This means no messy wires, and a simpler installation. It can cope with high speeds, and there is no video interference to worry about. Instead, you get a clear picture and a quality rear camera. The camera comes with 18 infrared lights, and an advanced night vision capability, it works whenever you need it. Plug it into your cigarette lighter, and it will be ready to go within two minutes. One of the fastest installations you will find. It automatically switches on the reverse camera when you reverse.

3. TOGUARD Backup Camera 7

A unique backup camera that offers great value. This mirror dash cam is convenient and allows you to see both infant and behind, recording at 1080P as you go. The 7 inch display is clear and when you connect the reverse camera to your reverse light, it switches the image in the mirror to the rear, filling the entire screen for easy and visibility. It has a waterproof camera and will automatically record when parking. It will automatically lock the video when it senses a collision which gives you the ability to support any claim later. The mirror is anti-glare, making it clear. You can switch between modes by pressing the mirror itself, making it a convenient, and easy to use backup camera.

2. iStrong Backup Camera and Monitor Kit Wire Single Power Supply

A quality backup camera that works in tough conditions, including extremely low temperatures. The installation video is online, making it easy to get going, with clear step by step instructions. The monitor attaches to your dashboard easily and has a non-slip adhesive to keep the pedestal in place. Connect it to your reverse lights so it only comes on when you need it, even working well at night. The 135-degree viewing angle gives you a wide scope, that will help you to avoid accidents. you can actually adjust the camera, moving it 90 degrees to get the perfect picture on your screen. It even comes with a 2-year warranty and tech support.

1. LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and Monitor Kit HD 720P

Our first place camera is certainly here on merit. A plug in and go backup camera. It connects to the reverse lights and comes on when you shift into reverse, saving battery life or you can connect it to the cigarette lighter or power point for ongoing use. The 4.3 inch monitor is easy to mount and can be adjusted to face where you need it. The quality is 720P and is surprisingly clear for an in car monitor. With the switch of a button you can turn the camera to face the front. The camera itself is waterproof and contains seven LED lights. With installation instructions in the box, and a 2-year warranty, it offers great value for a backup camera.

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