10 Best Body Washes For Men in 2020 – Reviews

Using the right body wash for men can be a real eye-opener. It can not only clean the day’s dirt and oil off the average guy’s body but can also invigorate his senses. Using this product allows him to feel refreshed and ready for whatever might come next. It doesn’t matter if he has just come home from work or is on his way to the office, he’ll feel fresh and ready to go.

Before a guy can boost his game and increase his cleanliness level, he first has to find a male body wash that is not only effective but also fits his particular style. And finding such a product can be a tall order to fill. That’s why we’ve decided to do some digging and find out which body washes are really the best ones currently available for men.

Best Body Washes For Men – Top List

10. Pré de Provence No. 63 Shower Gel

This shower gel for men has a nice scent that’s generally considered to be warm and spicy and contains oils which help to keep the man’s skin moisturized. It peppery scent contains citrus and cedar top notes and is finished off with a nice base of leather and tobacco. This body wash is made with shea oil, aloe vera, and glycerin, so the man’s skin is always softer and more supple after using this product. And since it’s made with all-natural ingredients, and is never tested on animals, men can be confident that this warm-scented shower gel will not only clean them but clean them responsibly.

9. Old Spice Wild Collection Bearglove

Old Spice Bearglove body wash has a distinctive sweet smell to it that both men and their spouses can appreciate. This product is designed for the commanding man, and its scent is a combination of masculine and sweet smells that will leave the user smelling fresh all day long. While it doesn’t lather as much as some other body washes for men do, it does provide enough lather to get the job done. And this product is strong enough to wash away even the hardest day of sweat. Overall, it’s a product that delivers a commanding scent and does a better than average job at washing the day away.

8. Irish Spring Moisture Blast Body Wash

Irish Spring Moisture Blast is a 2-in-1 body wash for men that deliver a nice clean scent that’s designed to last for up to 24-hours. This odor neutralization technology keeps men to retain the freshly showered smell all day long. It can be used on both the hair and body and contains hydro beads that really scrub the skin and then dissolve away. This product also contains emollients that condition the skin as the body wash cleans away the day’s dirt. And since this product delivers a nice rich lather, men can soap themselves up, rinse themselves off and be out of the shower in no-time flat.

7. Old Spice Dry Skin Defense-Live Wire

Old Spice knows that some men need a body wash that does more than just clean well. They need one that also addresses their dry skin issue. Fortunately, Dry Skin Defense can not only provide an exceptional cleaning experience, but it also can impart moisture to the man’s dry skin, starting in just 5-days. That’s because it contains hydrating compounds that are absorbed into the skin and leave it smooth and supple. This product produces a nice rich lather and leaves the user with a nice masculine scent. All of which makes this product ideal for men with dry skin or men who are battle the elements.

6. Nivea Men’s Shower & Shave

This men’s body wash is designed for men who want to shower, shampoo and shave in the shower. It allows men to keep their body, hair and face clean, and do it without having to spend a lot of time opening and using three different bottles. This product produces a luxurious lather that really does a good job at cleaning the skin and contains moisturizing agents that keep the man’s skin from drying out. It’s also smooth enough for men to shave with and rinses off easily without leaving a soapy residue like some other products. All of which makes it useful for busy men.

5. Nivea Men Active Clean Natural Charcoal

This Nivea Men Active Clean Body Wash contains natural charcoal that helps it to pull dirt, oil, grime, and sweat right out of the man’s skin. And it does so without drying out the skin. That’s because it not only contains natural charcoal but it also contains moisturizes which ensure that the man’s skin doesn’t dry out in the shower. This product has been tested by dermatologists and is safe for just about any man to use. It also has a nice rich lather that cleans well and a fresh clean scent that stays with the wearer up to 8-hours at a time.

4. Axe Apollo Body Wash

Axe Apollo Body Wash is designed to make the man feel like he’s the center of the universe. It produces a rich and luxurious lather that really gets into a man’s nooks and crannies and provides an exceptional level of clean. It also has a refreshing fragrance that will give the man the confidence he needs to either begin or end his day. With notes of fresh sage and green fruits, Axe Apollo fights off even the most intense body odors and leaves the man’s skin feeling fresh. And this makes it a body wash product that many men use and appreciate.

3. Axe Snake Peel Shower Gel

This exfoliating shower gel is designed to remove dry, scaly dead skin cells and leave the man’s skin feeling healthy and vibrant. It uses specially formulated desert minerals and oils to exfoliate in ways that normal body wash products can’t. This invigorating shower gel will ensure that the user feels as good as he smells. And since it has a nice masculine scent, that’s pretty good. This product produces a nice lather which really cleans out the pores and has cactus oil that helps prevent the skin from drying out. All of which makes this product ideal for anyone having to deal with extremely hot or cold weather.

2. Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash

Formulated for men who lead extremely active lifestyles, this product is designed to clean down to the man’s pores. It produces an intense and vibrant lather which imparts a nice clean scent and banishes odors down to the molecular level. This lather washes away dirt, oil, and grime that lives down in the user’s pores and creates funky body odor. Whether the man needs to smell fresh before going to the office or needs to wash away the day’s dirt and grime, this product will deliver an exceptional level of clean that they won’t soon forget. It’s a high endurance formula that leaves a reliably fresh scent.

1. Axe Phoenix Body Wash

This product is named after a mythological creature that’s consumed by fire and then rises from its own ashes, so it can be assumed that it was designed with the active user in mind. It produces a luxurious lather that cleans down to the pores and lifts away the day’s sweat, oil, and grime. And it leaves the man’s skin smelling fresh thanks to a unique blend of fragrances. This product has a scent which has notes of citrus, lavender, geranium, and coumarone. It’s this blend of wood and fruit scents which make this product smell very masculine. It’s just one more thing to like about one of the best body washes for men.

More Recommendations From Amazon

The Man’s Guide to Showering

Every man has his own way of showering. Some men like long hot showers and others prefer to jump in and jump out. And while there’s no right or wrong way for a man to take a shower, his showering habits can mean all the difference between having healthy skin and skin which is dry. And dry skin does not make a man look dapper, that’s for sure.

There are a few things that guys should think about before they begin their showering routine. After all, the male body can have up to 22-square feet of skin, and if that skin isn’t taken care of, then the man can’t look or feel his best. Keeping that firmly in our minds, we’ve decided to come up with a guide on how men should shower for the best results.

Find the Right Body Wash For Men

The first thing that needs to be considered is that the male skin is very different from the female skin, and as a result, needs different cleaning products. While it might be handy for a man to use his wife’s body wash, in an emergency, he probably should stick with products crafted just for particular gender. These are products that have been specifically formulated to address some of the unique issues found with men’s skin.

Another thing the average guy needs to keep in mind is whether or not they have specific problems such as eczema, dry skin or psoriasis. If they do, then they’ll want to buy a product that addresses those specific concerns. There are different body washes for men that can address just about any condition and all the guy has to do is find them.

If the man has oily skin, then they should look for a man’s body wash that doesn’t contain any oils and is water-based. If the man has dry skin, then they should look for products that can also moisturize. And just about any man can benefit from a body wash that exfoliates their skin.

What About 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 Body Washes?

Some men don’t want to buy different products for their body, for their hair, and for their face. This is where a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 body wash comes in handy. While some guides try to dissuade men from using these products, I feel that they are perfectly good products and have their place in the showers of some men. These products often allow men to get in the shower and get out quickly. However, if a man has a particular scalp condition such as dandruff, then they may want to skip the 2-in-1 products and instead get a shampoo that’s dedicated to their particular scalp problem.

Limit Shower Time

Who doesn’t love standing under a nice hot shower, especially after a hard day of work? Well, those long showers might feel nice, but they can be disastrous to men’s skin. According to most dermatologists, standing in a hot shower for extended periods of time dries out the skin. And no one wants dry skin.

And dry skin just doesn’t prevent a person from looking dapper it can also cause damage to the skin. The outer layer of our skin is a protective layer which protects us from potentially harmful chemicals and bacteria, so keeping it in good shape should be a top priority for anyone.

How long should a shower last? Most experts agree that a shower should only last 10 to 15-minutes at most. Any longer than that and the guy is risking losing a lot of his skin’s moisture. This is especially true during winter months when a person’s skin is already battling the drying effects of cold air.

Limit the Number of Showers

One thing that can really damage the skin is taking more than one shower a day. I understand that some men love to take a shower before and after work, but that doesn’t really do their skin any favors. Taking multiple showers a day can really cause the skin to dry out. As a general rule, guys who don’t do extremely physical labor should take a shower before they go to work, and men who work physical jobs or jobs where they’re in the heat should take showers after work. This prevents them from over-washing, and therefore, over-drying their skin.

Exfoliate The Skin

Yes, even men should take the time to exfoliate the skin. I know that it has been an act that’s been perceived as something that women do, but men should take the time to do it, too. And doing so doesn’t require any special equipment. All a man has to do is to use a washcloth or coarse loofah to scrub the loose skin cells off.

One thing to keep in mind while exfoliating is that it’s something that doesn’t have to be done on a regular basis. In fact, it should only be done about once a week. That’s more than sufficient to knock off dead skin cells. Any more than that can result in the skin becoming red and irritated.

Moisturize the Skin

A good time to apply a moisturizer is right after taking a shower. Men should just be aware that using a secondary moisturizer after they use a men’s body wash with moisturizer in it may result in the skin becoming too greasy. Therefore, it should only be applied if the skin really needs it or when using a men’s body wash that doesn’t have a moisturizer in it.

Shave After Showering

For a long time, I shaved before I took a shower. It just seemed like a logical thing to do because taking a shower after shaving allowed me to wash off any hanging cut hairs that may still be clinging to my face. Then I found out the benefits of shaving after a shower, and I have never turned back.

After a shower, a man’s facial hair has absorbed heat and moisture. This makes it more pliable and allows it to be shaven off easier. A hot shower also makes the skin softer and more pliable, so there’s less of a chance of razor burn when shaving after a shower.