10 Best Can Openers in 2020 – Reviews

Can openers are tools we use every day, but few people give much thought to them. Households use them to open cans of food for themselves and their pets, yet people give very little thought to whether the opener they’re using is the best one available. And that’s a shame because there are significant differences between the various models available other than merely whether the one chosen is electric or manual.

Using the right model can mean all the difference in a person’s life. The best ones are capable of opening cans faster and more efficiently and are certainly an upgrade in most people’s lives. That’s why we’ve decided to investigate which ones are the best so that everyone can find a model that fits their needs and their lifestyle. The following models are the best of the best and are sure to improve just about anyone’s can opening experience.

Best Can Openers – Top List

10. Hamilton Beach 76380Z Heavyweight

This classic can opener from Hamilton Beach has an extra-tall design that allows it to open even some of the larger cans that are currently on the market today. It uses Sure-Cut Technology to open the can the first time it’s run, every single time it’s run. It also has an automatic shutoff that prevents it from overcutting the can it’s opening. Another great feature found on this unit that’s not usually found on other models is a built-in knife sharpener that can be used to keep kitchen knives nice and short. This feature, along with its convenient on-board cord storage, makes this unit a useful one for any kitchen to own.

9. Zyliss Lock N’ Lift

Designed for people who have problems gripping conventional openers, this model has a soft grip handle that all but eliminates hand fatigue. Another thing that makes it a great opener is that it locks onto the can, which makes it extremely efficient and prevents it from slipping off and hurting the user’s hand. It also has a mechanism that’s easy to turn and has a stainless-steel cutting mechanism that’s very sharp and is corrosion resistant. The final thing worth mentioning about this model is that it also has a magnet built into it, so the user never has to worry about lifting off the sharp can lid by themselves.

8. Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe

As long as there’s power this electric opener is designed to work. However, it does more than just perform its job on any standard-size can; it also looks good while doing it. It has a compact size and style that allows it to sit on the counter in just about any kitchen, regardless of the household’s unique style. This opener has a convenient single touch operation, has a removable activation level, has a magnetic lid holder, and also has an extra-wide base to prevent tipping. It also features an easy-to-clean design that helps users keep harmful food bacteria off of this unit’s blade.

7. Sokos 3-In-1 Opener

This opener has features that many other models have never thought of putting into their can openers. It can be powered by 2AA batteries or its power cord, and it has a convenient to use on/off switch. It’s an automatic model so the when the tin can is inserted, and the unit is turned on, it will begin to cut it. This model is tall enough to handle most consumer-sized cans, even large ones, and it has a cutting mechanism that opens cans in mere seconds. This cutting head is also detachable, so it can be cleaned or properly maintained. Other features which can be found on this product include a magnetic lid lifter, onboard-cord storage, and a built-in knife sharpener.

6. Proctor Silex Plus 76370P Extra-Tall

Sometimes all a person wants or needs is a can opener which can get the job done without a whole lot of fuss. For these people, this model is what they’re looking for in an opener. It opens cans the first time, every single time it’s used, and it has onboard cord storage so it can be conveniently stored away when not in use. It also has a detachable cutting lever that makes it extremely easy to clean and even has a knife sharpener built-into its exterior. The best feature about this opener, however, is that it’s extra-tall and will accommodate even large sized cans.

5. Eoney Heavy Duty Opener

This manual opener is not only designed to be simple to use, but it’s also designed to be easier to use by people with arthritis. It has a nice handle that’s easy to hold and is made with a stainless-steel cutting blade that can be used on tin cans, aluminum cans, small cans, and large cans. It also has a shaft gear that’s designed to hold up to years of use. Probably the best part about this can opener, however, is the fact that is can simply be thrown into a dishwasher and cleaned when it gets dirty. All of these features make this simple opener one that many people are going to enjoy for many years to come.

4. Instecho Electric Opener

This can opener combines the convenience of an electric model with the portability of a manual handheld model. It can open cans with just a push of the button, and because it’s a side-cutter, it never leaves jagged edges like other sharpeners tend to do. This model also has a magnet that automatically pulls up the lid once it’s been cut. Another great feature that can be found in this model is a recessed blade that prevents the unit from accidentally cutting the user’s fingers when they are searching for it in a crowded drawer. And finally, this opener works in a matter of seconds, so users can get to their food faster.

3. OXO Good Grips Opener

This OXO Good Grips Opener isn’t a model that’s exciting, and that’s for sure. It doesn’t have a lot of fancy features and has a pretty basic overall design. However, none of that’s really important because this product does a great job opening a can. In fact, it’s one of the best manual handheld openers currently available. That’s because it has an oversized cushioned handle that’s easy to grip, even when it’s wet and has a cutting wheel that’s designed with high-quality stainless steel. All of which means that it can open cans almost effortlessly every single time it’s used.

2. Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master

This Swiss-designed opener is designed to not only cans but is designed to open a variety of containers from bottles to pull tops and pop tops. It automatically locks onto the can and utilizes a stainless-steel cutting mechanism that easily opens cans. It also has a church key on the end of it for handling screw-top bottles. When this unit cuts a can, it does it from the outside of the rim, so users can rest assured that the can top is never going to be jagged. And since this unit has a lid lifter, it can be used to clamp on a lid and remove it, so the user can release the can lid into the garbage with the press of a button.

1. Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch

Designed to open both pop tops and standard-size cans, this Hamilton Beach opener is a versatile addition to just about any home. It has a nice design that allows it to fit in nicely with the decor of just about any kitchen, and it’s only 5-inches by 4-inches by 9-inches in size. It also has a large handle that makes it easy to operate, and it has a side-cutting system that leaves a smooth edge each and every time it’s used. And since it uses a side-cutting system, the blade never comes into contact with the food in the can, and this makes it a lot more hygienic to use. Overall, it’s a great opener that can be used by just about everyone anytime.

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Can Opener Buying Guide

Hopefully, most people will be able to find the best can opener for their needs out of our list of the top ten models available. However, if a suitable model hasn’t been selected, then it’s worth noting that we’ve included a few tips for selecting the best model available. Below are some tips that just about everyone will find useful.

Manual Or Electric

Both of these openers have their pros and cons. Manual can openers can be used regardless of whether there’s power or not and are simple to operate. However, they may not be suitable for people with grip problems or arthritis. Electric can openers usually have a magnet that helps to lift the lid off once it’s been opened, and they require almost no effort to use. However, electric models don’t function in power outages, and the motors they use can eventually wear out in time.

Top Cut Or Side Cut

Consumers have two choices when it comes to both electric and manual can openers, top-cut and side-cut models. Each of these types has their own pros and cons. For example, side-cut openers, also known as smooth-edge openers, are often preferred in households with children because after they open the can, the lid isn’t jagged. However, they also have a few drawbacks. For one, it can be hard to see where the beginning of the cut is and if it’s used over the same areas it has already opened, then it may end up producing little slivers of metal. It’s also not suitable for people who need to have a little lid that they can press down on to get the liquid out of tuna.

Top cut openers do a pretty good job at taking a lid off of the can, and they leave that little portion of the lid that can be pressed down on to remove the liquid out of tuna cans. These openers also tend to stay sharper longer than side-cut models. However, they are also not without their drawbacks. For example, they produce a jagged edge lid that could potentially cut someone, and since their blade comes into contact with the food, they have to be washed regularly to get rid of food deposits that may form. And since they come into contact, if their blades aren’t coated, then they can tend to rust.

Blade Construction

Another thing to consider is how the blade is constructed. High-quality models have stainless-steel blades that are resistant to rust and are fairly easy to clean. If the can opener is an electric model, it’s important that the blade assembly can be removed so it can be thoroughly cleaned. However, since side-cut models don’t usually come into contact with the food inside of the can, a removable assembly is not required for them.


Size is another important thing for people to consider. If using an electric can opener, it’s important to choose a model that’s tall enough to accommodate the size of your largest can. Also, it should be noted that electric top-cut models tend to take up a bit of space on the counter. Manual openers, on the other hand, can usually just be thrown into a drawer and don’t take up any counter space.

Models With Built-In ChurchKey

Some of the can openers currently available have a church key built into them in some way. This feature allows bottles to be opened quite easily and is a great way to eliminate having to keep a separate bottle opener in your kitchen.

Models With Built-In Knife Sharpeners

One of the greatest features to be incorporated into a lot of can openers is a built-in knife sharpener. Several different electric models currently being sold have this amazing feature. Having a knife sharpener always available not only makes the opener more versatile, but it also means that every home chef has a quality knife sharpener available to them at all times. And if there’s one thing that not enough people do it’s sharpening their home knives, which is a shame because sharper knives are safer to use than knives that have begun to dull.  Anyone who needs this feature available to them may want to check out one of the models which have them.

Additional Can Opener Tips

Now that we’ve gone through some of the pros and cons with the opener models currently produced, we’ve decided to add a few extra tips which will help everyone get closer to their ideal of the perfect can opener. So without further ado, let’s dive right into these extra tips.

Getting A Better Grip

Manual models that have longer handles are easier to hold, as a general rule, but if your suffering with arthritis or other problems with your grip, then you may want to opt for an electric model. Electric can openers are easier to use for people with grip problems.

Keep Both Types on Hand

Having an electric can opener on hand is a great idea, but pairing it with a manual can opener is even better. Why keep both models on hand? Because they respectively are great at some things and not-so-great at other things. For example, electric models are easy-to-use, but if the power goes out, then it’s useless. Manual can openers are good for power outages and emergencies but can be a hassle to use for other situations. Having both openers on hand is a good way to get the best of both worlds.

A Brief History of Can Openers

What’s really amazing about can openers is that they were invented a full 50-years after cans were invented. Yes, that’s correct. Cans were available for five decades before Ezra J. Warner invented the first can opener in 1858. Before this invention, it was suggested that consumers use a chisel and a hammer to open their canned food, which really made buying canned food really inconvenient. Fortunately, the can opener was invented to solve the problem, and now all of us can enjoy the convenience of canned food.