10 Best Cat Litter Boxes in 2020 – Reviews

One of the best ways to keep a cat happy and healthy is by buying him or her the right cat box. The best cat litter box not only addresses the needs of the cat, it also addresses the needs of the owner. A good kitty litter box also makes it easier for the user to scoop it, helps to keep litter from being kicked out of it, and is also just the right size for the cat.

Fortunately, cat owners have a lot of options available to them. Back in the old days, there were only a couple of different litter boxes available. Nowadays, there seems to be an almost limitless number of them. Which may make it difficult for some people to choose a box that’s right for their cat. To fix that problem, we’ve listed ten of the best litter boxes for cats.

Best Cat Litter Boxes – Top List

10. Van Ness Sifting Enclosed Litter Pan

This American made cat box is designed so that the user never has to worry about using a sifting tool. That’s because this plastic box consists of two nesting pans and a sifting screen that can be stacked. When the user lifts the sifting pan, the litter falls back into the pan, leaving the clumps in the pan to be thrown away. The screen is then replaced in the pan, and the litter is moved from the full pan to the empty one and then stacked back together. It’s the quick and easy way to keep litter clean. This product is also enclosed, which helps to minimize cat odors in the house.

9. Two Meows Litter Box

This large litter box is designed to prevent the cat from making a huge mess with its litter. It’s approximately 19.5-inches by 14.25-inches and is about 8-inches high. It has a built-in scatter guard that prevents the cat from kicking litter out of the box, and it has a unique exit design that helps cat litter from the cat’s paws to fall back into the box. It has high sides, but it has a low side so cats can enter and exit easily. This product also has a bright green design with a white splatter guard that should fit in with the decor of just about any modern home.

8. Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome

This litter box has an unusual design that helps it keep cat litter and cat odors safely inside the box. It is approximately 50-percent larger than the average cat box and has a domed lid that gives the cat privacy while it does its business. This product also has an innovative ramp that’s designed to not only make it easier for the cat to get into the box but to also catch any litter that may cling to the feline’s paws. Since this product is made from high-quality plastic, it’s not only durable but also easy to clean. It comes with a built-in handle and comes with a carbon filter and a cat liner for convenience.

7. Iris Litter Box With Scoop

This open-top cat litter box measures approximately 19-inches long, 15-inches wide and 11.75-inches high. This makes it a great size to use for several cats and also makes it high enough that cats can’t kick their litter out of the box. This product is designed with a recessed bottom that allows it to be put in a variety of different spaces. It also has a polished interior that’s stain-free and is relatively easy to clean. This box is made in the U.S.A and is made from high-quality plastic. It also comes with a matching scoop that helps the user keep their litter box nice and clean.

6. Catit Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan

Designed for both large cats and for multi-cat households, this litter pan provides the space needed for cats to do their business. It’s approximately 22-inches long, 17-inches wide and is 18-inches tall with the hood on it. The hood gives the cat a little bit of privacy, all while it traps obnoxious cat odors inside of it. It also comes with a carbon filter that helps to reduce cat odors as well. This product snaps easily together and is very easy to clean. People who own multiple cats will appreciate the size of this litter pan and just about anyone will appreciate its design.

5. Pet Fusion Large Litter Box

Some of the most effective designs are also the simplest and no product proves that point better than the Pet Fusion Litter Box. It doesn’t have any moving parts to jam and doesn’t have any filters to clog. It’s just a large cat box that’s made from high-quality ABS plastic and is 22.6-inches long, 18.1-inches wide and 8-inches high. It has an elegant open top that cats find easy to use and it has three high walls that prevent litter from being kicked out of it. It also has one side that’s low, so older cats and cats with mobility problems can easily enter and exit the box.

4. Iris Top Entry Cat Litter Box

While this product has a design that may seem unusual to some people, it is actually quite brilliant. Cats enter through the top of the box, so the entire cat litter portion of the box is surrounded by walls. This prevents cat litter from being kicked out of the box and also helps to contain odors. The top of the box has a grooved lid that helps remove fine litter particles from the cat’s paws and keep them where they belong: near the box. This product has a pleasing round shape that can be bought in a variety of different colors and comes with a litter scoop for easy cleaning.

3. Petmate Open Litter Pan

This litter pan is nice and large so that it’s easy for the cat to use and easy for the cat owner to clean. It can easily hold up to 30-pounds of litter at a time, so cat owners don’t have to frequently change the cat’s litter. It’s made of high-quality plastic that’s designed so that it doesn’t stain and also doesn’t retain odors. Three of this box’s four sides are high, so the cat can’t kick litter out of it and all over the floor. The fourth side of this pan is low, so cats with limited mobility or cats of advanced age can easily get in and out of the box without problems.

2. Petphabet Litter Box With Lid

This litter pan has a lower portion which comes in a number of vibrant colors and has a hood that can be seen through. When fully assembled, this litter box is approximately 24.8-inches long, 20-inches wide and 16.5-inches high. The door opening to this box is about 8.2-inches by 7.8-inches. This product is made from antimicrobial plastic that’s doesn’t stain, resists odors and is easy-to-clean. If needed, the user can leave the top of this box off and use it just as an open top litter box. It’s a cat box that’s designed to give the pet owner’s cats many years of use.

1. iPrimio Stainless Steel XL Litter Box

Although this cat box looks simple, it has a number of features which make it quite useful to the cat owner. The first remarkable feature is that it’s made from stainless-steel, a material that doesn’t stain and doesn’t retain odors. It’s also a material that will never rust and will last a very long time. Another cool feature is that it has rounded edges that help to protect the user and the cat from getting cut. And it has a nice large size, too. It’s approximately 23.5-inches by 15.5-inches and is 6-inches deep. This makes it large enough to accommodate just about any sized housecat.

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Choosing a Suitable Cat Box

Finding the right cat litter box doesn’t just seem like finding a toilet for your pet, but it really feels like buying one for a member of your family. What I mean by that is you want to purchase a model that makes the cat feel comfortable but does what it’s supposed to do. And if you’re like most cat owners, then you probably also want to find a model that fits in with the décor of your home—if that’s at all possible.

All of this prompted us to do some research about what makes a great cat litter box. We picked the brains of both cat owners and cat experts to find out some of the things to consider when choosing a litter box. Information we are now going to share with all of you. So grab a beverage, pull up a chair and be ready for some knowledge.

What’s the Boxes Optimal Size?

One of the first questions anyone searching for a cat box asks is just how big should the box be. Cat boxes come in a variety of different sizes, so it’s not always apparent which size is best. While the glib answer to this question is to buy a box big enough for the cat to do their business, there’s actually a little more than that to be considered.

It’s important to consider not only the personal habits of the cat but whether the cat kicks cat litter out of the box and whether the cat has physical impairments that need additional consideration. In general, the height of a cat box should be approximately 4-inches to 7-inches tall, but like I said certain pre-existing conditions can alter that number.

For example, if the cat tends to kick litter out of a box, then you’ll probably want to get a box that has three tall sides and one lower side. The high sides should be above 8-inches but not taller than 12-inches, and the side where the cat enters should be around 5 to 6-inches. However, if your cat has mobility issues, then you are probably going to want to buy a box that has one extremely low side. A box with a side that’s 2.5-inches to 3.5-inches will allow the cat to easily enter the box.

The length of the box should be at least as long as the cat from nose to tail, if not longer. The width of the box should be somewhat wider than the cat, so they have ample room to turn around and choose how they are going to use the box.

Covered or Uncovered Litter Boxes

Another choice you’re going to have to make as a prospective cat box buyer is whether you need a covered or an uncovered box. If you know your cat’s preferences, then you can just buy the type that you know they will use. However, if you aren’t sure if your cat is going to use a covered box, then you might want to buy a box with a removable cover or just give the cat multiple options throughout your home and let them choose. When your cat shows you which ones they prefer, then be ready to change things up to suit them. It’s important to also keep in mind the health of the cat. If the cat has respiratory disorders or arthritis, then you are probably going to want to go with an uncovered box because it will be easier for them to get in and out of the box.

Self-Cleaning Boxes

If there’s one type of cat box that we can’t recommend, it’s self-cleaning cat litter boxes. And there are several different reasons why we’re not overly fond of them. One, they tend to be extremely expensive. Two, they usually require a special type of cat litter, which also happens to be expensive. And three, they can traumatize a cat if the owner isn’t careful.

How can a self-cleaning box traumatize a cat? Because if the box decides to start cleaning as the cat is getting ready to use it, it can scare the cat and prevent it from using the box in the future. And no one wants a cat to be scared of a cat box. Not only because a cat who is scared of her box tends to poop everywhere but in the box, but because it can prevent cat owners from noticing when there’s something wrong with the cat. Many cat illnesses are first caught when the owner discovers the cat’s box habits have changed, thereby prompting a visit to the vet. If a cat won’t use a box in the first place, it can be difficult to discover a change in bathroom habits.

Proper Cat Box Maintenance

Now that we’ve covered some of the typical things to consider when buying a cat litter box, it’s time to think about properly maintaining that litter box so that you and your cat can reap the benefits from it. Let’s get right into it.

  • Cat Box Liners – A cat box liner can be a quite convenient tool if the cat doesn’t scratch too deeply. Unfortunately, most cats do scratch deeply, and this ends up scratching up the liner. This then makes it impossible to pull the liner and the cat litter out like a trash bag. So in most instances, I would recommend skipping the liner unless you’ve had success with them in the past.
  • Scoop Daily – It’s important that the cat litter is at least scooped once a day. This is not only better for the cat, but also prevents feces from sitting around and stinking up your home. If necessary, you can occasionally go to scooping every other day, but try to stick with daily scooping.
  • Change the Litter Regularly – It’s also important that you regularly change your cat’s litter. If you use a clumping litter and you scoop daily, then you shouldn’t have to completely change out the litter more than once every 2 to 3-weeks. However, if you’re using clay litter, then you’re probably going to want to switch out the litter each week.
  • Clean the Box Regularly – Ideally, you’d want to wash the box out with every litter change. However, if that’s not possible, then at least wash it every month. Be sure to either use a product designed for washing cat litter boxes or that you use mild dish soap. Don’t use toxic chemicals to ever clean your cat’s box and be sure to avoid dish soaps that smell like citrus because this smell can repel the cat from the box.