10 Best Cheap Gaming Mice in 2020 – Reviews

If you are a passionate gamer, you should definitely be aware of how important it is to always employ the right gear. Be it a keyboard, headset, or a mouse, if you are an enthusiastic gamer, you absolutely have to use the gear to match. Among all gaming-related peripherals, none is more important than the mouse, the main input device for most modern PC games. In this respect, gaming mice are very diverse and quite versatile in nature, with a fairly wide selection available to choose from.

As you would expect, with such a wide variety to choose from, some gaming mice can command quite a price tag. This is definitely true for high-end mice made by reputable brands, which isn’t always reflective of their overall quality. In fact, as long as you know what to look for, you are just as likely to find a good mouse in the low end of the price spectrum, with roughly the same functional standards to benefit from.

Not all affordable mice, however, can be expected to perform at the same standards as high-end versions, which is why you want to do your homework before committing to a purchase. To save you the trouble, we put together a list of the ten best cheap gaming mice you can buy in this economy without the fear of overspending and without having to compromise on ergonomy, style, or performance. To help you through, we also put together a short guide on what to look for when looking for an affordable yet reliable gaming mouse.

Best Cheap Gaming Mice – Top List

10. Yanni G1 Wired Gaming Mouse

The Yanni G1 is a reliable wired gaming mouse with an elegant ergonomic design for easy and comfortable use, ensuring that you will be able to use it for hours at a time without experiencing any hand fatigue. This mouse’s integrated LED light displays 4 different colors in 2 modes—breathing cycle mode and single light mode depending on what you do. At the same time, its design makes it compatible with a lot various Windows System PCs, ranging from Windows 98 to Windows 10, as well as MAC OS devices/computers. Furthermore, its sturdy and convenient construction makes it a great pick for people interested in long-lasting gaming sessions.

9. YockTec RGB Gaming Mouse

This YockTec’s mouse was designed with a great deal of gaming customization in mind. Besides its 4 alternative DPI settings, it features RGB gradient side lights and also breathing lights with 16.8 million color options to choose from. The mouse is ergonomically designed, making it simple to use without experiencing hand fatigue. It also packs other features such as a robust AWG 3050 control chip for improved accuracy and a precise, flexible cursor movement, while its non-slip side-skirts are entirely sweat resistant.

8. LENRUE Wired Gaming Mouse

Besides its uniquely catchy design, a precision-driven performance and versatile game control are what make the LENRUE Wired Gaming Mouse stand out in this price range. Its 4-level DPI settings, adjustable between 1,200 and 3,200 DPI, for instance, make it quite responsive to your hand movements while playing your game. Additionally, it features 6 button controls and a precise-scroll wheel for extra performance versatility. It also works well with several PC operating systems, including all Windows, Linux, and MACs.

7. Havit HV-MS745 Gaming Mouse

Count on the Havit HV-MS745 for a gaming mouse that delivers, yet doesn’t cost that much. Its variable DPI level, ranging between 800 and 2,800 DPI, gives it optical tracking performance versatility. It integrates multi-color LED backlights can be changed to your preferred color ambiance, or altogether turned off. The mouse utilizes an AVAGO 5050 optical gaming engine that delivers great control and accuracy. Moreover, it works with any PC windows system, as well as some Linux and MAC operating systems.

6. LINGYI Gaming Mouse

Designed for great functionality and aesthetics too, this LINGYI mouse is just ideal for any of your gaming rig. The design integrates circular, breathing LED lights that change colors gradually, constantly adding inspirational atmosphere to your gaming environment. Moreover, its 6 programmable buttons help you in configuring game macros, while 5 memory profiles allow you safe various game settings. Four adjustable DPI settings can be changed from 1,200 to as high as 3,200. Altogether, these features make this mouse cut its edge above many in this price range.

5. PICTEK 7,200 DPI Gaming Mouse

Five variable DPI settings and 4 levels of polling rate are some of the top highlights of this PICTEK’s gaming mouse. With it, you can set the DPI from 1,200 to 7,200, with the polling rate adjustable from 125Hz up to 1,000Hz depending on your particular needs. It also allows scroll speed, pointer speed and double-click adjustment thanks to an integrated easy-to-use software. Extra features include 7 programmable buttons, macro-editing support, and 16 million RGB LED light colors to select from for your preferred gaming ambiance.

4. VersionTech 2,400 DPI Gaming Mouse

This VersionTech’s gaming mouse has 4 variable DPI settings, allowing you to adjust its DPI from 800 through 2,400. Its ergonomic design is simple to use, and the fact that it is compatible with various OS personal computers makes it a ‘must have’ for any versatile gamer who uses more than one platform. It also features a unique cracking with 7-color LED light, lending an exciting ambiance to your game.

3. Tecknet Ultimate Computer Mouse

Providing the best in precision performance, this is a great gaming mouse whose ergonomic design and wireless performance promise reduced user fatigue and greater convenience. Its 5 DPI settings allow you choose from 800 through 4,000 DPI for an exquisite optical tracking accuracy. It also works with most PCs, running operating systems from Windows 98 to Windows 10, and it guarantees an appreciable control and comfort for a more exciting gaming experience.

2. Zelotes FBA_ET0566 Mouse

This is another high-performance gaming mouse, one that stands out for its remarkable tracking accuracy. In this respect, this mouse utilizes a 5,500 DPI accuracy optical tracking system and features a 1.5m USB cord that is compatible with any type of computer. It is designed to work on virtually any surface, and sufficiently ergonomic for reduced hand fatigue. Its durable build guarantees a 5 million cycles switch life, holding up to heavy, frequent abuse. Moreover, it integrates a precise scroll-wheel as well as an easy-use 7-button panel for full gaming control.

1. Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse

Providing up to 3,600 frames per second and 15G acceleration, the Redragon M601’s 3,200 DPI optical tracker delivers the vibrant performance most gamers want. At the same time, this gaming mouse features a 6-ft USB cord and 5 programmable easy-use buttons for various memory profiles. Its ergonomic design is quite simplistic, employing a sturdy ABS plastic construction that also makes it very durable. With this in mind, let us point out that it is ideal for gaming on almost any platform and for running almost any type of game. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best gaming mice you can get on a budget.

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What To Look For In A Gaming Mouse

Regardless of how much you pay for it, a gaming mouse has to meet certain standards when it comes to tracking accuracy, ergonomy, and ease of use. In this respect, a quality mouse doesn’t differ from a budget version all that much, except perhaps for the quality of its sensor. Moreover, given the constant improvements in tracking technology, you can definitely find a good gaming mouse on a budget nowadays, just as long as you take the time to learn about what makes a good gaming mouse, to begin with. That said, we put together a list of things you need to consider when buying a gaming mouse.

Type Of Mouse

Although some would be inclined to presume that a good mouse can be used for a variety of tasks, when it comes to gaming mice the situation is rather different. This is because some mice are created with specific games in mind, not necessarily in regards to their name but rather for their genre. As such, a mouse designed for real-time strategy games is surely different than a mouse made for first-person shooters. With this in mind, here are the main types of gaming mice you are likely to encounter if you go looking:

All-Purpose Mice Like the name suggests, these mice are designed for a more versatile range of tasks, not just for one genre of game or another. These mice come in all shapes and sizes, and they usually employ a number of customization options to choose from. Many of these mice allow you to customize their weight, tracking accuracy, and refresh rate for a more responsive experience when playing specific types of games.

FPS Mice These mice are designed to be used when playing first-person shooters, which is why they usually employ a quality tracking technology. It is also common for some of these mice to have a designated button to enter a so-called sniping mode, along with a capacity to optimize the DPI to line up those difficult shots that some FPS games require you to make. Not only that but FPS mice will also sometimes enable you to increase/decrease their overall weight for a firmer hold.

MMO Mice – Those of you who are passionate about MMORPGs should know very well by now just how important it is to have a hotkey for each possible action the game allows you to employ. Even though some of these mice are a bit bulkier, they certainly have to be because of the complex skill rotations and quick decisions a player has to perform during the game. Furthermore, most of these mice allow you to assign an alternate button mapping with just a push of a specific button.

RTS Mice – Mostly used by people who play real-time strategy games, these mice are supposed to deliver greater response times when multitasking. This, unfortunately, doesn’t really translate well in technological terms, because to this day, there hasn’t been a single, truly reliable RTS mouse. That said, we should point out that there are plenty of good all-purpose mice you can use when playing RTS games.

What To Consider

Laser or Optical – Perhaps the first thing to consider when buying a gaming mouse of any price is whether it can keep up with your handling. In this respect, bear in mind that some mice are equipped with laser sensors whereas others employ optical versions of pretty much the same technology. The main difference between them is that optical sensors perform better on most surfaces while laser sensors require a very clean and smooth mouse pad.

The Surface – On a related note, always consider the surface you plan on using the mouse on, be it the table alone or whatever mousepad you usually employ. In that regard, both laser and optical mice can perform well on the right mouse pad, with the notion that laser mice require a slightly harder mat. The main disadvantage here is that hard surfaces tend to wear off the mouse’s gliders much faster than smoother surfaces.

DPI – Without exaggerating in any way, DPI and polling rates are perhaps the most important aspects to consider. To be more precise, the polling rate of a mouse refers to how many times the mouse is updating its current position to the computer. The default polling rate for most mice is 125Hz but most modern gaming mice allow you to go well above 1,000 for the most part. With DPI, we refer to the Dots per inch or Counts per inch, meaning the speed of the cursor across the screen of your computer. As such, the higher the DPI the less you have to move the mouse physically across the mouse pad.

Your Grip – Another thing to consider when buying a gaming mouse is your gripping style and the shape of the mouse. While some people prefer to rest their entire palm on the mouse and operate the mouse with the base of their fingers, grippers prefer smaller mice they can manipulate with the end of their fingers. Most of the time, gamers who play FPS games tend to be grippers although not exclusively. It is therefore important that you bear in mind how you normally manipulate your current mouse when buying a new one and see if its shape allows you to not only control the mouse accurately but to do so in a comfortable fashion.