9 Best Dog Treats in 2020 – Reviews

Whether you are trying to teach your old dog new tricks, or just want to give them something rewarding for good behaviour, the best dog treats are a far cry from the low-quality ones. The best quality ingredients and the meat content will be significant. But, one of the most important areas will be the popularity of the dog treats where they have been tried and tested to become a household favourite.

Whether your dog is a Great Dane or Chihuahua, they all deserve a bit of love, and the best dog treats are just one way of showing them you care. To save you the headache of spending hours researching the best, we have created a top ten to help.

Best Dog Treats – Top List

9. PLATO – Real Strips Soft Dog Treats

A high-quality dog treat made from real duck, Plato has created a premium option for dogs with fancy owners. They are air-dried to lock in the flavour and the nutrients including the organic meat proteins that are available. they are free from added sugars and artificial flavours as you would expect with something of this quality. Each piece is a good chunk of meat that will dogs just cannot resist and will sit and rollover to make sure they get their reward.

8. Wellness Core Marrow Roasts Natural Grain Free Dog Treats

We always mention the importance of natural ingredients, and this product is full of them. They are crunchy on the outside with tasty bone marrow in the centre, giving your dog a delicious incentive for learning new tricks and behaviours. They include no wheat or artificial flavours and are packed full of protein to help keep your dog strong and healthy. Ideal for dog’s over 1 who are ready to learn, they are kind on stomachs and can be used as a way of spoiling your beloved pooch whenever you feel like it.

7. James Wellbeloved Crackerjacks Dog Treats Duck

These natural dog treats are full of nutrients but the flavour of Duck with no artificial ingredients makes it a tasty option for anyone training their dog. They are bite-size so they can be kept in your pocket on a walk and are hypoallergenic making them ideal for all breeds. They are low in calories and are cereal free. The resealable foil bag keeps them fresh and makes it easy to keep them on you for when you need to reward good behaviour. Made by a reputable brand they are reasonably priced compared to a lot of the competition.

6. Lily’s Kitchen Organic Dog Treats Bedtime Biscuits

A late-night treat might seem like a bit of a novelty but with the inclusion of elderflower and Passionflowers, there is a lot to like about this organic dog treat. They can be used to get your dog inside when they want to keep playing at night or to get things going through the digestive boosting properties of honey and yoghurt. There is nothing artificial in this product, just good quality ingredients that Lily’s Kitchen has built their reputation on. It’s no wonder you see them on the shelves of vet’s nationwide.

5. Smartsticks Dog chew

When the bite-sized dog treats aren’t big enough to entice your dog into better behaviour, these dog chews are an excellent alternative. They are free-from rawhide and enriched with vitamins and minerals. Their chewable texture is ideal for dental health and promote healthy teeth. Your dog will find them easy to digest and they offer a better incentive for learning new behaviours for dogs that aren’t fussed about something that can eat in 5 seconds. Made with real chicken and packed with vegetables, they are healthier than a lot of the alternatives.

4. Wagg Training Treats With Chicken, Beef and Lamb 125 g

With plenty of variety, your dog will never get bored of these small but convenient dog treat packets. They are oven-baked to help lock in the taste and the bite-sized pieces are great for offering a small reward without the risk of having them put on an unhealthy amount of weight through treats. There are lots of flavours to choose from as well so if your dog prefers the likes of butter and chicken, turkey and rice, lamb and mint and beyond, they will love that Wagg can offer with their training treats. There are added vitamins and calcium in every bite to offer some useful benefits whilst treating.

3. Pup-Peroni Dog Snacks

Made with real steak these are some of the best dog treats you can hope to find and sound good enough to eat yourself (but don’t!). These who-cooked treats come in tasty strips that don’t just go in a few bites, they encourage your dog to stop and chew which is good for oral health. They have that enticing aroma that will make your dog putty in your hands when asking them to obey your command or learn a new trick. Some of the ingredients include NY strip steak and top sirloin steak – it doesn’t get much better than that.

2. I and love and you – Hearties Hip and Brain Support Dog Treats

Although it might come with a premium price tag, these are premium dog treats. They are grain-free and the ingredients are carefully selected to enhance your dogs’ health whilst ensuring you have something irresistible to hand. They use Sweet potatoes which are rich in nutrients and a wise alternative to grains. You will find that your dog gets the benefit of having brain support and with real salmon as the first ingredient, you know your dog is in safe hands. With no artificial flavours and 5 blend oil support you can use them to enhance your dog’s well being, and correct behaviour.

1. Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic Natural Dog Treats

An old favourite and in the opinion of thousands of canines, the best dog treats you can find. The mix of crunchy texture and delicious peanut taste that they will never get bored of. They are ideal bite-sized pieces that are perfect for training as you reward good behaviour with something you know they will enjoy. The ingredients are all-natural and there are no artificial preservatives to be found. Perfect for small dogs, they are made in the USA by a reputable company and offer excellent value compared to a lot of the competition which is thy so many people have them as their go-to dog treat.

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