10 Best Earplugs for Sleeping in 2020 – Reviews

So many things can keep a person from getting a good night sleep, but statistically, the number one problem for most sleepers is sound. Whether it’s their partner’s television watching habits, the constant rumble of the neighborhood or the sound of a leaky faucet, people can really be affected by sound while they’re trying to sleep. That’s why it’s important that people take matters into their own hands and purchase a good pair of earplugs for sleeping.

Sleep plugs can give a person the tool they need to drown out background noise so that they can get a good night sleep. It will block out that faucet, the TV, and even your partners snoring. The right earplugs are an invaluable tool for anyone looking for a good nights sleep. We’ve included some of the ten best models below so that readers of this article can find a pair that suits their needs and helps them achieve a better night’s sleep.

Best Earplugs for Sleeping – Top List

10. Howard Leight Max Lite Foam

Manufactured from a high-quality low-pressure polyurethane foam that is easy to insert into the ear canal and gently expands to keep sound out while it’s be used for sleeping. It has a contoured T-shape that makes it not only easy to handle and use, but also to remove from the ear as well. This product comes packaged in single poly bags that keep the earplugs in good condition until they’re ready to be used. And since these earplugs have a closed cell foam skin, it doesn’t allow dirt or wax to build up like other types of earplugs. It’s also a product that fits most people well, especially people who may have smaller ear canals.

9. Moldex Sparkplugs Foam

The earplugs found in this pack are larger than most other models on the market, but for most people, they can be compressed to fit into the user’s ears. They have a tapered fit that can be compressed to fit into the ear canal snugly and seal without pressure. This makes them comfortable enough to use all night long. They are manufactured in the U.S from a PVC-free foam that’s soft and fits most people comfortably. These plugs are designed with a tapered shape for easy insertion and removal, and their surface is nice and smooth. And since this product has a noise reduction rating of 33, so it really does a good job at blocking sound out.

8. Howard Leight Disposable Foam Plugs

These earplugs have a bright yellow and magenta color that allow them to be easily seen, no matter if they’re on the nightstand or the bathroom sink. They are manufactured from an expanding foam that allows them to fit into just about anyone’s ear canal and offer them noise reduction up to a rating of NRR 32. These plugs are designed in a contoured T-shape that allows the user to easily insert and remove them. Since this product is made from closed-cell foam, users also don’t have to worry too much about wax building up on the product while they’re asleep. And these plugs are also disposable and inexpensive, so users can swap out a fresh pair on a daily basis.

7. The Ear Buddy Premium NR32 Plugs

Not only do these earplugs block out sound up to a rating of NRR 32, but they are also comfortable to wear and easy-to-use. They’re made from a high-quality Polyurethane that compresses easily and slowly rebounds, so it provides the snug fit that most people desire when they buy a pair of earplugs. And since they have such a snug fit, they won’t fall out of the user’s ears like many of the cheap dollar store models. These super-soft earplugs are great for sleeping, but they can also be used for other purposes such as hunting, hiking and running the wood chipper in the backyard.

6. Ear Joy Noise Canceling Plugs

Although these plugs weren’t specifically designed as earplugs for sleeping, and can also be used for industrial noise and swimming, they do a good job at blocking out sound while remaining comfortable. They are made from a high-quality silicone that makes a nice seal in the user’s ears and is comfortable enough to wear all night. It has a tiered design that gives the user’s hearing up to 3-levels of protection. And since this product is both soft and flexible, it won’t cause irritation or pain, even after extended use. It’s a product that will allow the user to block out ambient noise so they can get a good night’s sleep.

5. Flents Quiet Please Plugs

These cylinder earplugs are designed to not only be effective but also to be comfortable. Since they have a cylindrical design, they’re capable of being easily inserted into the ear canal and will seal out a wide variety of sounds. It’s made from a soft foam that’s easy to compress, easy to insert and rebounds slowly after use. This makes it easy on the user’s ears while they are wearing it during the night. The best part about these plugs, however, is that they have a good noise reduction rating, which means they will block out most common household noises that keep people awake at night.

4. Moldex Spark Disposable Plugs

Made of 100% PVC-free foam that’s been thoroughly designed for best performance and rigorously tested by an independent agency to confirm its NRR rating, these earplugs are designed to help a user get the sleep they need. They are extra soft and are easy to insert and remove from the ear canal. They have a tapered shape that makes it easy for the user to use and is shaped to fit in most ear canals, even ones that are slightly smaller than average. And since these plugs are manufactured in a number of fun colors, they’re also easy to spot in the bed or on the nightstand.

3. Flents Contour Soft Comfort

With a bright green color that makes it easy to see if wax has built upon them and a contoured design that makes them easy to insert, these earplugs are ideal for anyone looking to get a good night sleep. They have a high NRR rating of 33-decibels, which is high enough to block out just about any household noise that might be keeping the user awake at night. And since it’s made from a high-quality foam that makes it easy to put into and remove from the ear canal, it’s a product that most people won’t mind using. They also stay in place than some of the brands competing against them, which also helps ensure a good night’s sleep.

2. 3M 1100 Orange Plugs

Although they only have a rating of 29-decibels, these nighttime earplugs actually help reduce sound better than many of the cheap 32-decibel earplugs which are currently on the market. That’s because they have an innovative design and are made using a soft foam that allows them to fill the ear canal very well and help passively block out ambient noise. And since it’s soft foam compresses easily and completely, it’s comfortable to wear during the night and won’t fall out unexpectedly. They’re also convenient because they’re disposable and can simply be tossed out when they’ve served their purpose instead of having to be cleaned.

1. 3M OCS1137 Classic Plugs

Manufactured by 3M, a company known for making quality products, these earplugs have a classic design that’s extremely effective for filtering out ambient noise. It has a cylindrical design that’s easy to insert and remove from the ear canal, and they are made from a high-quality soft foam that makes them comfortable to use. These plugs compress nicely and expand slowly, so they always fill the ear canal completely. These features are probably why they are one of the most widely used types of earplugs on the planet today. They have an NRR of 29-decibels, so it will do a good job of blocking out sound as well.

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How to Choose Earplugs

Without a doubt, choosing a pair of earplugs for sleeping is serious business. After all, if a person buys a pair that doesn’t suit them well or doesn’t block out sound, then they can find themselves in the same boat they were in before they bought the earplugs. That’s why some care and consideration should be given to any sleep earplugs you plan on buying.

Nowadays, earplugs come in a variety of styles, and each style is intended for a particular activity. For example, there are earplugs for work and for swimming, and each of these has different characteristics from earplugs for napping. And you shouldn’t try to use one type for another. Which just means that it isn’t recommended to use swimming earplugs for sleeping earplugs. They’ll be too uncomfortable to wear.

What makes for a good pair of nighttime earplugs? Well, there are a number of different considerations to consider, but the three major ones are the comfort, performance, and cost. If any of these factors are off by even just a little bit, then you’re not going to get the quality of sleep that you deserve. So, let’s get down to business and check out what makes for a good pair of sleep earplugs. Below are a few things that make for a good pair of night earplugs.

Ease of Use

This is an extremely important thing to consider. If your new earplugs aren’t easy to use, then you’re going to stop using them. What makes a pair easy to use? They should be easy to both insert and remove from the ear canals and should never cause pain.

Comfort Level

Briefly addressed in the previous category is the comfort of a pair of earplugs. Once again, if your earplugs aren’t comfortable, then you’re not going to use them. A good pair should fit comfortably in the ear canal and should cause pressure on any portion of your ear. You’re probably going to also want to make sure the earplugs are relatively soft, so you don’t hurt yourself while you’re laying your head on your pillow.


Durability is another important consideration. Most likely, you’re going to be using the same pair of earplugs several times, even if you buy the disposable ones. Very few people can afford to use and throw away a pair or several pairs a day. So you’re probably going to want to get a pair that’s somewhat durable. After all, just because a particular pair is disposable, it doesn’t mean they have to instantly fall apart after use. Just be sure that if you buy disposable ones that you don’t use them for more than two nights. They’re not designed for more than that, otherwise, they wouldn’t be disposable.

Decibel Levels

While the decibel rating is a good indication of how earplugs are going to perform, it’s not as an important factor for buying earplugs for bed as it is for earplugs which may be used for other purposes. Car horns heard from a distance of approximately 3-feet is about 110-decibels, and garbage disposals have a decibel rating of approximately 80-decibels. Hopefully, you’re not going to have to deal with loud noises that high, so you probably don’t need a pair of earplugs with that high of a rating. Usually, sleeping earplugs have decibel ratings of 29 to 39 decibels, which means noises under that level will be blocked out.

Taking Care of Earplugs

Now that we’ve covered some of the factors going into buying a pair of earplugs and you’ve bought them, we can talk about properly taking care of them. Taking care of and properly using your new earplugs will ensure that you get the most out of them and that you don’t end up hurting yourself with improper use.

  • Don’t Wear Them Every Single Night – While some people will need to wear their earplugs more often than other people, there is a limit to how often a pair of earplugs should be worn. It’s never advisable to wear them every single night because you’re ears do occasionally need a break. So only wear them as much as you absolutely have to and consider giving your ears a break when you can.
  • Don’t Push Them in Too Far – It’s extremely important to not push your earplugs too far into the ear canal. If you do, then you risk damaging your eardrum. Only push them in as far as the manufacturer suggests they be inserted and if it hurts inserting them, then immediately stop what you’re doing.
  • Remove them Slowly – Earplugs which are snug inside the ear canal can create a vacuum when they are pulled from the ear. And the vacuum is strong enough to damage a person’s ears if they try to rip the earplugs from their ears suddenly. Which is why it’s always advisable to slowly remove the earplugs from your ears before going about your day.
  • Don’t Share Earplugs – This is pretty much common sense, but I think it still deserves repeating. Don’t ever share your earplugs with another person. It doesn’t matter if they’re your parents, your children, or your spouse. Just don’t do it. If you loan them one of your disposable earplugs, then throw them away when they’re done with it. Sharing earplugs are one of the quickest ways for a person to get an ear infection, so just don’t do it.
  • Clean or Dispose of Them –It’s also extremely important to keep your earplugs clean. If you’re using a pair that can be used over and over again, then clean them according to manufacturer’s instructions. With silicone earplugs, this usually means running the end under water to remove excess wax buildup. If you’re using disposable earplugs, then be sure to discard them when you’re done using them. Disposable earplugs can only be used a maximum of two times before they need to be discarded, so be sure that once you’ve worn them a night or two, you throw them away and select a new pair.
  • Consider What You Need to Hear – The last thing to remember is that earplugs can not only block out annoying sounds but can also block out sounds that you may need to hear. This may include a carbon monoxide detector, a baby crying or a smoke alarm. This is important to keep in mind before you even begin to use a pair of earplugs.