10 Best Hair Waxes in 2020 – Reviews

When it comes to the best hair wax, you need more than just great hold. The scent comes into it, but that isn’t as important to most people as to how long the hold lasts, shine, how easily it washes out, price, and of course, the best for your hair type.

You will find a lot of products promising the same things, but reputations differ. This is how you can set them apart but because of the hours of intense research that is required, it can be a bit of a minefield. we have taken the pain out of finding the best hair wax and created a top ten that is full of great picks. Whatever your style, there is something that will become a favourite for great-looking hair.

Best Hair Waxes – Top List

10. Brickell Men’s Flexible Hold Wax Pomade for Men

This natural and organic wax is great for the conscious gentleman but does not compromise on the key traits you need in a hair wax. The natural ingredients give a subtle shine and is perfect for short to medium hair. It contains beeswax for the hold and vitamin E which conditions the hair. They have even included castor oil which is great for hair growth so if your hair is thinning, then it can help to return your hair to a former glory. A lot of the ingredients are organic and it has appeared in various media outlets including GQ magazine.

9. Old Spice Swagger Hair Putty Styling Fiber Wax for Men

A reliable fiber wax from a famous brand, it is also good value at the price. It allows you to shape your hair to the style you like and gives a moderate shine that isn’t too much. The good thing about this product is the fact that it works on every type of hair. You only need a small amount for it to work and in with 2.64 oz, it will last a long time. You’ll be able to remould you hair throughout the day with the wax you applied in the morning so there is no need to use more.

8. AMERICAN CREW Liquid Wax 150 ml

A product with a difference, this interesting spray wax has the hold of the hardened waxes and is easy to apply. You get to shape it as though it is a gel, making it easier to get your hair the way you want it. The benefit is that it ends up performing like a wax, giving you a strong hold. Another benefit is how easily it washes out; some waxes leave your hair greasy, even after washing. You can re-style thorough the day is necessary using what is already in your hair.

7. L’Oreal Studio Line Architect Strong Hair Wax 24HR Definition Effect 75ml

A good product for reworking your style it can be left in for up to 24 hours as still provide great hold. For a shiny finish, this is a good choice and can be used by both men and women alike. People with shorter hair will find it useful as it can be used to create spikes for a certain style and adds texture when desired. It still leaves a natural look and isn’t firm or crunchy when it dries. When convenience is key, this wax washes out well and holds soft hair where others find it hard to provide adequate hold.

6. Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Hair Wax, Pink Spiky Edge 85g

Great for shorter hair this wax helps to provide a spiky look and has a pleasant fragrance of green apples. Paraben-free, it is made in Japan where these types of waxes are always in vogue but with its incredibly strong hold, we can see why it is popular this side of the water. The formula is water-based but a hard wax that can be a little harder to wash off, but that’s to be expected. Because of its strength, you only need a little for each application meaning one will last a long time.

5. VOGARTE Hair Styling Aqua Wax for Men

This is a product for anyone who wants to add some shine after a strong hold that does not leave white marks once applied. It is water-based which means most shampoos will make light work of it when you are washing it out and will not give you a greasy look. Not tested on animals it even comes with a 100% money-back guarantee which means they obviously stand by the quality of their product. When applied, it spreads evenly and works well on thicker hair and many users comment on how it lasts all day.

4. BED HEAD by TIGI for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax 85 g

With TIGI being such a popular brand in salons across the country, you would expect a lot from them, and they deliver. In this matte wax with a hold factor of 5, it provides excellent texture without flaking. There is a great deal of hold so you can shape your hair to get the look you want. One of the most reliable and long-lasting on the market, it is great for a high fade and has a fresh air fragrance. You can apply to damp hair for a more natural look, using a dryer to melt it into shape. Contains beeswax for a hold that lasts.

3. American Crew Fiber – 85g

Some regard this as the flagship product from this big brand and in the subtle shine and high-level of hold, it is easy to see why. It gives a fullness to think hair that is hard to replicate elsewhere and leaves a strong hold that lasts for a long time. The fiber doesn’t feel as greasy as others and if you have shorter hair of under 3 inches in length, this is going to be one of the best hair waxes for you. Has a pleasant scent and for those in a hurry in the morning, it washes out without any fuss.

2. Smooth Viking – Hair Styling Fiber for Men

This well-designed styling fibre offers a medium hold that is great for men with thinning hair, or anyone who wants a natural yet thick look. It is made with shorter hair in mind and leaves a great texture, especially when applied to damp hair. The moulding wax can be shaped in your hand and cleans off easily. Good for giving yourself a subtle look that isn’t overstated but great at keeping hair in place the way you want it. You can maintain the style when you leave the house and the lanolin wax help to provide a little movement that still looks natural.

1. Da’Dude Da’ Wax Hair Wax Strong Hold

A well-presented wax, it’s hard not to like the wooden appeal of the container. It offers a salon-style professional hold which is why it is so popular. For a really strong hold, it allows you to shape longer hair into the style you want. The beeswax-based formula can work wonders on all types of hair whether you have thick, thinning or medium and a little beyond hair. Free of parabens and sulphates it is not tested on animals and made by a family run business in Sweden. The best hair wax due to the strong hold, and high-quality finish.

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