10 Best Mechanical Pencils in 2020 – Reviews

Although some people may relegate mechanical or automatic pencils to a writing instrument that’s only used by children for school work, the truth is that these pencils should be used by everyone. That’s because there are a ton of different benefits to using them. Here are some examples: They never need to be sharpened, they’re easily refillable, they are extremely precise, and they allow the writer to write very comfortably.

Before you run out and buy one of these pencils, however, it might be beneficial to take a look at some of the best ones currently being manufactured and sold. Once you know what brands are the best, then buying one for your own personal needs becomes a snap. That’s why we’ve listed ten of the best mechanical pencils currently available. Now everyone can benefit from these awesome automatic pencils.

Best Mechanical Pencils – Top List

10. Moz Art Supplies Essential Pencil Set

When compared to the other major companies producing mechanical pencils, Moz Art Supplies is a relatively new company that was launched in 2016. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t create some of the best automatic pencils currently available. Take this set for example. Its major feature is that it delivers 4 great sizes, as well as lead and eraser refills. With this kit, consumers will get 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 and 0.9 mm pencils that can be used with a variety of different projects. It also comes with 30 pieces of lead for each pencil, and 1 eraser refill for each pencil. It’s a great set for anyone from aspiring artists to professional architects.

9. June Gold 0.07mm 72 Pencil Set

Buying individual pencils at your favorite superstore can become really expensive really quickly, especially when you have to buy enough mechanical pencils for a whole classroom. Fortunately, this 0.7mm pencil set makes it a whole lot more affordable for parents, teachers, or other professionals to buy a whole lot of pencils at one time. This pack comes with 72 automatic pencils, 220 graphite lead refills, and 16 bonus refill erasers. That’s more than enough to keep the aspiring art student in pencils or to ensure a teacher that her classroom will have the tools they need to finish that big assignment.

8. Aviation Aluminum Magnetic Control Pencil

These aluminum mechanical pencils are specifically designed to provide the professional with the comfort, control, and precision they need. And that makes them suitable for architects, teachers, students or anyone else wanting a quality pencil. Although this pencil costs more than lesser quality pencils, that’s because it’s packed full of features that other pencils don’t have. For instance, it has a magnetic ring that controls the length and allowing the pencil to write smoothly. This 2.0mm pencil has an aluminum exterior that just feels good in the hand and comes in a number of exciting colors. Some of the colors this pencil is available in include rose gold, gold, silver, blue or black.

7. rOtring 0.5mm Black Pencil

Even though there are some mechanical pencils that are designed to be used for a while and then cast into the trash, this pencil isn’t one of them. It has the features and design that not only allows it to be used for a lifetime but to also provide the user with the balance and control they need out of a pencil. It’s made with a metal body that’s been balanced for accuracy and is ideal for doodling, drawing, or writing. Inside of it is a mechanism that allows for lead advancements, and this mechanism is composed out of corrosion resistant brass. All of which makes it a great pencil to own.

6. Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil

What pencil has a soft grip that makes it comfortable to use, is able to create balanced lines every time it’s used and has a side-click feature that allows the lead to be advanced without the user having to let go of the pencil? Well, it’s the Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil, of course. This model has all of those features and a whole lot more. It’s extremely easy to hold and even easier to use. And since it has an extra large eraser, correcting mistakes is even easier than ever before. It’s no wonder that this pencil is the preferred choice of artists and designers all over the world.

5. Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Drafting Pencil

This drafting pencil may be specifically designed for professional draftsmen and architects, but it’s suitable for anyone who is looking for a pencil that gives them unparalleled control and precision. This model from Pentel has a metal grip that’s been professionally machined and then inlaid with pads that make the pencil comfortable to grip and use. It also has a 0.4mm tip that’s just the right size for using with templates, and it has a dual-action retractor that protects the integrity of the pencil lead. And best of all, it always produces a nice dark line, so it’s useful for anyone looking for a quality product that writes well.

4. Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Pencil

This mechanical pencil is imported from Japan and is considered by many people to be one of the best automatic pencils currently available. And after taking a close look at it, we can see why so many people love it. It does have a nice metal body that’s available in either silver or gunmetal and has a spring loaded mechanism that advances the lead. What’s truly remarkable about this pencil, however, is that it doesn’t dull like many conventional pencils and that allows the writer or artists to make extremely thin lines every single time they use it.

3. Pentel Graph Gear 500 Automatic Pencil

Some people may question why we’ve placed this mechanical pencil above the Graph Gear 1000, but it’s actually really simple. We think the Pentel Graph Gear is a superior pencil. It has a 0.4mm tip that draws nice thin lines and allows it to easily be used with either template or with rulers. It’s also balanced properly, so it allows drafters to do extremely precise work. And since it has a metallic mesh grip, it’s actually easier to hold and use than many other pencils. In our estimation, this is an automatic pencil that’s often overlooked but really shouldn’t be because it does an amazing job.

2. BIC Pencil Extra Smooth

BIC has proudly pronounced itself as the number one seller of mechanical pencils, and after taking a close look at this 40-piece pencil set, it’s easy to see why. These pencils are made with a number 2 lead that makes them ideal for taking standardized tests and allows for nice, dark and easy to read lines. They are also extremely easy to hold, even when they’re used for extended periods of time. Probably the best thing about these pencils, however, is that they are inexpensive. That allows just about anyone to stock up on them, and not worry about making a huge dent in their classroom or art budget.

1. BIC Xtra Sparkle 0.7mm Medium Point

Writing and art should be by their very natures creative endeavors, but sometimes we forget how much fun they can be, especially when we’re wrapped up in the technical details of our work. Fortunately, these pencils are ready to inject just a little bit more fun into our work. This 48-count package comes with pencils in a variety of shimmery colors, so they make writing and drawing fun. But they’re not just great pencils for fun, but they’re also good for serious work, too. That’s because they’re well-balanced, work extremely well, and are extremely accurate. In essence, they’re the best mechanical pencils around, hands down.

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