10 Best Oil Filters in 2020 – Reviews

A vehicle’s oil filter is one of the most components in an engine. It’s a device that filters contaminants from the engine’s oil before it can do serious damage to the car. Without these devices, the lifespan of most cars would be extremely limited, which is why it’s important for car owners to make sure that they replace this filter on a regular basis.

However, although this filter should be regularly changed doesn’t mean that you can go out and just buy any model currently available. Being picky about this vital component will help you maintain the longevity of your vehicle’s engine. That’s why we’ve reviewed ten of the best oil filters currently available, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Best Oil Filters – Top List

10. FRAM Spin-On Filter

Just by looking at this oil filter you can tell that it has a little bit of something special. It’s equipped with a Sure-Grip Coating that makes it easier for the user to install it and remove it when it needs to be replaced. This filter is designed to remove up to over 99% of the dirt and contaminants found in oil that’s great than 20-microns in size. It’s also designed to provide engine protection for up to 20,000-miles, even though these filters should be changed every 3,000 to 5,000-miles. This model is capable of doing this because it uses a synthetic media that’s reinforced with metallic screen traps and holds dirt better than conventional filters.

9. K&N Pro-Series Filter

Pro-Series filters are designed to be used by mechanics and professional installers alike. They can be used with either conventional or synthetic oils, have a high-quality filtration media that allows for increased filtering capacity, and is designed for improved performance. They have a special fluted canister shape that allows them to be easily removed using a professional installer’s oil filter wrench. Because they’re made using quality components, they also don’t have to be changed as frequently as some of the cheaper paper-pleated filters found at the local automotive store. It’s no wonder K&N has such a good reputation in the automotive parts industry.

8. Purolator ONE Filter

This quality oil filter is manufactured using a special high-density media that’s made from a synthetic blend of materials and is designed to allow it to offer enhanced oil filtering capabilities. This mode can remove over 99% of the dirt found in common engine oil and only needs to be changed approximately every 10,000-miles or so. It’s also designed with metal end-caps that provide increased wear resistance, and a silicone anti-drain back valve that prevents oil flowing backward in the filter and contaminating the oil. And because it uses a PTFE coated gasket, it’s easy enough for most people to install and remove.

7. Bosch Premium Filtech Filter

This filter is designed according to strict specifications and using only the highest quality components. It uses a special Filtech media that’s capable of screening out more dirt than conventional paper mediums and is designed to give the engine greater protection from contaminants. It’s manufactured with steel base plates that allow for a better fit and guard against leaks or warping. Also found on this particular filter is a silicone anti-drain back valve that ensures that the engine always has oil available to it, especially when it’s first started. And finally, it has a special gasket that allows it to fit securely on the vehicle.

6. FRAM Extra-Guard Filter

Although this filter is designed to be changed every 5,000-miles, unlike some of the professional oil filters that only need to be changed every 10,000+ miles or so, it’s still capable of delivering some of the best filtering performance available. It’s engineered for use only with conventional oils and is designed to trap many of the particles missed by lesser quality filters. This model is designed to be inexpensive and to provide the engine protection that everyday commuters need for their cars. And since it has a Sure Grip exterior, this model is not only extremely easy to install, but it is also easy to remove.

5. FRAM Extra Guard Spin-On Filter

Few oil filters are designed to not only provide exceptional performance but do it while being inexpensive, but this one is sure capable of that feat. Although it only costs a few dollars, this model is capable of filtering out over 95% of the dirt and particles that can be circulating in a vehicle’s engine oil. It’s made with an advanced media that strikes a great balance between holding the contaminants it needs to hold and being efficient at the same time. Although the person using this filter will have to replace it every 5,000 miles or so, it provides great engine protection in that time.

4. Subaru Genuine OEM Filter

This oil filter is a genuine OEM part, so it’s trusted by Subaru users all over the country. Subarus recommend that only OEM parts be used with this vehicle and this filter more than satisfies that demand. It’s designed to specifically fit the vehicle’s design specifications and it also installs nice and tightly. It also filters over 96% of the dirt and particles that can be found in engine oil. Since this product only has to be replaced every 5,000 miles or so, the car owner doesn’t have to worry about continuously having to change their oil. That makes it just as economical as it is effective as filtering a Subura’s oil.

3. AC Delco Professional Engine Filter

This professional engine oil filter is designed to trap more of the engine damaging particles than conventional oil filters. It’s manufactured with a specially designed cellulose media that’s extremely effective at removing particles 25-microns in size and can even trap particles that are one third the width of an average human’s hair. This ensures that the engine always has a clean supply of oil and prevents engine damage that could potentially occur due to dirty oil. And because this model has a thermosetting adhesive seal, once it’s installed, it forms a near perfect leak-free seal that holds quite well under stress.

2. Motorcraft Power Stroke Diesel Filter

Designed for Ford 6.1 diesel engine, this Motorcraft FL2051S oil filter is capable of providing the capacity and filtering efficiency that diesel engines need to perform correctly. This filter is made using high-quality components and is designed to fit perfectly without leaks. This model can filter out over 96% of the dirt and engine damaging particles that can be found in engine oil. This allows the engine to not only run smoother but also cooler as well. Although this filter does need to be changed every 3,000 to 5,000-miles, that’s an easy thing to do because of this filter’s trouble-free design.

1. K&N Wrench-Off Performance Filter

Anyone looking for one of the best oil filters available need to only look as far as this K&N Performance Filter. This wrench-off model can be used with both conventional or synthetic motor oils and is capable of filtering out up to 99% of the engine damaging particles that may be floating around in a car’s oil. This product is also designed using a high-quality heavy-duty construction that’s specifically designed to hold up to extreme conditions. Also found on this filter is an anti-drain-back valve that prevents dry-starts and keeps the oil from draining into the crankcase when the engine is shut off.

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