10 Best Rat Poisons in 2020 – Reviews

Rat poison has been and will continue to be one of the most effective methods of controlling rodents in a person’s home or garage. There is simply no other pest control method that can get rat problems under control as poison. Which is probably why so many people use this product in their homes or other areas where they need mice and rats gone immediately.

One of the things that go wrong when people are looking for mouse poison is that they tend to believe that it doesn’t make a difference which one they choose; That all of them are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are notable differences between brands. And that’s something we’re going to highlight without picks for the top ten poisons available.

Best Rat Poisons – Top List

10. Ramick Green Rodenticide Nuggets

This product is suitable for both indoors and outdoor use and does a great job at controlling rat and mice populations. Although it’s a wax-free formula, it can still be used in wet and damp areas where other poisons can’t be used. These nuggets are fish-flavored, so rats are really attracted to them, and many of them just love to eat it. This makes it a useful poison that can be used for residential and commercial areas and can be used on both farms or ranches. If there’s one drawback to this product, it’s that it doesn’t come with a bait box, so users have to be especially careful using it around animals.

9. D-Con Ready Mix Bait Bits For Mice

These ready-mixed bait bits contain an advanced formula of poison. A poison which contains Brodifacoum, a chemical that is a Vitamin K antagonist and which kills mice and other rodents extremely quickly. Rodents are killed with just a single feeding, which makes this product highly effective for most rodent problems. However, while this product does an exceptional job, it’s price prevents it from being placed in the number one position for rat poisons. With that being said, this highly-effective product is suitable for both commercial and residential areas and is designed to take care of rodent problems quickly and effectively.

8. Farnam Just One Bite II Pellet Packs

Designed to kill rodents within 4 to 5-days, so rodents don’t become frightened by the product and avoid consuming it. This product is useful for killing a variety of different rodents including roof rats and house mice which may be killed during a single night’s feeding. It’s also effective against Norway rats, a type of rodent which isn’t killed by other poisons such as Warfarin. There are 86 packs in this tub, and these packs can easily be placed behind appliances, on runways or in rat burrows. This poison is designed to handle large rat infestations but is suitable enough for use on small infestations as well.

7. Havoc Mouse and Rat Killer

With a name like Havoc, you can expect that this is a pretty potent poison and it is powerful, in fact. So powerful that it’s not designed for home use, but is instead designed to be used in and around agricultural buildings. With that being said, however, it is manufactured with one of the most powerful anticoagulants for rodents possible. This means that it kills mice and rodents extremely quickly. And this product doesn’t even have to be removed from the pack to be effective. All the user has to do is place the pack, and the rodents will chew through them and ingest the poison.

6. JT Eaton 709 Apple Flavor Rodenticide

Manufactured with an apple flavor that does a good job of attracting rats and mice, this product is an effective first-generation anticoagulant bait that can eliminate rodent infestations quickly and easily. It’s powerful enough to kill large rats but also contains an ingredient called Diphacinone that is quite an effective poison against smaller rodents. This pail contains 144 1-ounce packs of poison which are easy to distribute to areas where rodents are a problem. And since this product is made by a family-owned company that’s been making highly effective products, consumers can expect that this poison is made with the highest level of quality control.

5. Motomco Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx

This rat poison contains Dipacinone, so it’s considered to be a first-generation anticoagulant that’s capable of killing mice over the course of a few days. This poison is manufactured in a useful form that’s resistant to weather and is easy to place just about anywhere. This product will kill just about all rats and mice and can be used in homes, garages, barns or warehouse. It can also be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. This advance rat killing product is designed for anyone who wants to take control of their rodent problem and ensure that rats and mice don’t come back.

4. Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks

While this product is only designed to be used in and around agricultural buildings, when used in those applications it does a good job of eliminating rodent infestations. This 8-pound pail of bait chunks contains enough poison to handle several large rat infestations at one time. Rodents usually consume a lethal dose of this product in one night and end up dying within 4 to 5-days. This product is not only effective against house mice and sewer rats but can also kill off roof rats and Norway rats. And since these bait chunks have a hole in the middle of them, they can be easily mounted in bait stations.

3. Contrac Blox All-Weather Rodent Control

Whether the homeowner needs to kill lowly house mice or need to kill Warafin-resistant Norway rats, this product is sure to provide a solution to their rat infestation problem. It’s manufactured with a blend of food-grade ingredients that make it extremely palatable to most rodent populations. This low-wax formula can be used in all kinds of different weather conditions. This poison comes in a sealable tub that will keep it viable for approximately 2 to 3-years, so it can easily be stored until it’s needed. And this 18-pound container of rodenticide is more than enough product to handle several rodent infestations.

2. Just One Bit II Rat & Mice Killer Bars

This product can be used for both indoor and outdoor rat infestations and is designed to kill rats and mice after just one feeding. It comes in convenient to use 16-ounce bars that are not only attractive to rodents as a food source but also satisfies their chewing instincts. It’s an extremely effective mouse killer and can be used to kill mice, sewer and roof rats, and even Norway rats. It’s designed to only be used in and around agricultural buildings and tackles these applications quite easily. This product does an amazing job of controlling rodents and is easy enough for just about any adult to use.

1. D-Con Ready-Mix Rat Killer

This product is designed to get rid of even the hardest to control rat infestations. It’s designed to not only effectively kill off house mice but also to get rid of roof rats, sewer rats and even Norway rats which are typically resistant to other types of poisons. The manufacturer’s of this product have designed it so that rodents eat a lethal dose of it in a single night and eventually die about a week later. Although this product is priced higher than other brands of poisons, it’s extremely effective at killing rodents and is easy to use in just about any household.

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How Does Rat Poison Work?

Not many people consider why a particular rat poison works or not. All they care about is whether the product gets rid of their personal rodent problem. However, it may actually be beneficial for people to think about how a particular rodent poison works. After all, not all of the active ingredients in mouse poisons are the same, so having at least a basic understanding of them can be quite useful. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the more common chemicals used in these products.

Anticoagulants – Poisons in this category probably make up the majority of the rat killing products out there. And they work in a pretty simple way. They work by affecting how rat’s blood clots. It starts reducing Vitamin K levels the moment the rodent ingests it, and within a couple of days, the mouse or rat has died of internal bleeding.

Bromethalin –  his the next most popular chemical found in poisons for rat control. After ingestion, this product begins to immediately damage the mouse’s central nervous system, but that’s not what kills the mouse. No, it’s high sodium levels accumulating in the rat’s liver that eventually does them in.

Metal Phosphides – These are rather unique poison products. These metals produce a strong garlic odor, which surprisingly attracts rats. However, it’s not used as frequently as some of the other products on this list. These poisons kill off rats by forming a toxic gas in the rodent’s stomach which ends up killing them in only a few days. Within a week, the poison ends up killing the rats.

Calciferols – This product probably takes the longest to kill the mice of any of the other poisons, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not extremely effective because it is. It works by increasing the Vitamin D levels in the rodent’s system. This causes a severe calcification of the rat’s heart, brain, lungs, and kidneys. Within a week, the poison ends up killing the rats.

How to Poison Rats Effectively

Once you’ve chosen the best rodent poison for your home, garage or workshop, it’s now time to use the poison in the correct manner. And what I mean by correct manner is in a way that will enable the rats to find and ingest the poison, but will keep the poison out of reach of children and pets. Keeping that in mind, here are some tips for using pest poisons effectively.

Read Instructions Thoroughly – When you bring home a rat poison, particularly one that you haven’t used before, be sure that you read all of the instructions. And I do mean all of them. Sure, it may seem boring, but that’s the only way that you’ll know how to safely handle the product. And if any of your rodent poison’s instructions contradict the tips in this guide, then your product’s instructions and advice should be what you follow.

Identify Problem Areas – Make sure that you do a complete audit of your home and property. Just because you’ve only seen rats in one particular room doesn’t mean that they aren’t in other areas. The first thing you’ll want to look for are any entry points into your home like mouse holes or outside burrows. Then you’ll want to do a room-by-room survey of your home. You’ll be looking for rat feces, which resemble dark grains of rice, damaged bedding or packaging and other tell-tale signs of a rat infestation.

Fill In Burrows & Fix Rat Holes – If you’ve found outside burrows, be sure to fill those in with dirt. If you’ve found rat holes in your baseboards, you can place rat poison into the hole and then seal it up.

Seal Other Access Areas – Check your foundation for cracks. Rats can squeeze into any hole as small as an inch wide. Also be sure to caulk around plumbing and other access areas.

Clean Rat Infested Areas Thoroughly – Any area in which you’re placing poison should be thoroughly cleaned. That means not only removing food scraps from off the floors or from behind cabinets. That also means removing anything that the mice may use as a food source. After all, you want the mice to eat the poison and not anything else.

Trick the Rats – Sometimes it’s helpful to place food items which look like the poison on top of the poison. That’s because rats are naturally wary of new items in their environment. However, once they’ve sampled the food items and discovered it was safe, they will continue to come back and eat the rest of the food and hopefully, the poison.

Use A Variety of Rat Killing Products – Several different types of poisons can be used in the same area, just be sure to space them out a bit and keep them out of reach of children and pets.

Rodent Poison Safety Tips

These safety tips are probably going to be repeated by your poison’s safety warnings, but it’s important enough to repeat them here. Rat poisons are extremely toxic to humans and animals, so every precaution must be taken to keep these products away from people and pets. Here are a few more safety tips:

Keep Poisons Stored Securely – Make sure that you keep all of your rat killing products not only out of reach of children and pets but locked away. You can never be too safe securing dangerous poisons, so take every precaution possible.

Keep Poisons Away from Children – Yes, I’ve already said this but I’m going to say it again. When putting poison out for rat consumption, be sure that children and pets can’t get to it. This means placing it in areas completely inaccessible to both children and pets.

Keep Poisons Away From Foodstuffs – You also will want to ensure that your poisons are somewhere that they can contaminate not only your foodstuffs and water but also your pet’s foodstuffs and water.

Use Product As Intended – This means following ALL instructions on the product’s label. And it also means that if a product says don’t use in homes or other residential settings, that you don’t use it for these applications. It also means that if the product says don’t use outside, that you refrain from using it outdoors.

Take Precautions – The final thing to note is that you should take precautions when placing poison. This means wearing safety goggles, a mask, and rubber gloves. This may seem excessive, but some poisons can be absorbed through the skins, and mucous membranes, so proper precautions should be in place.