9 Best Rechargeable Batteries in 2020 – Reviews

When you pay for rechargeable batteries, you’re going to have to think about the money you save. Sure, they cost more money than single-use versions, but the amount you save increases with every use. Rechargeable batteries are a life-saver when it comes to continual use items. A photographer will need a constant supply to keep up with the demands of the job. The alternative is to spend a load of money on batteries that only last you a session or two.

If you’re just buying batteries to stick in the back of a clock, then the standard versions will be sufficient. The initial benefit of rechargeable batteries is for the environment, then the money-saving aspect, as well as the convenience of being able to charge them at home. Whatever your intended use, here are some of the best rechargeable batteries on the market.

Best Rechargeable Batteries – Top List

10. Amazon Basics AA Rechargeable Batteries

Just because it’s basic, doesn’t mean it lacks quality. They may be no-frills but still perform to a high standard. Amazon has created their own brand, and at 2,000MAh, they have a lot to offer. What makes these batteries useful is the fact that they still maintain a good level of charge in cold conditions. So, if you are looking to partake in any winter sports, they are a shrewd investment. They are made to have a slow discharge meaning it will take a very long time for them to drain once fully charged. Ready to use from the word go, they maintain their top level of charge, even after many uses. Available in different pack sizes and types, Amazon has made a good entry-level product.

9. Tenergy Premium Rechargeable AA Batteries

Tenergy is a household name that makes a seriously powerful rechargeable battery. The 2500mAh of power is one of the best you will find on any list, and they are capable of standing up to the demands of high drain devices such as digital cameras. What sets them apart is the fact that they still perform to a high standard, even in adverse weather. At -10 degrees, or 50 degrees, they continue to work. You can recharge them even if they still have some charge, with no effect on their memory. By the time you have used every one of the 1,000 recharges available with Tenergy’s premium battery, you will have made your money back long ago.

8. EBL AAA 1100mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries, with Storage Cases

We like that these batteries come with storage cases, one of the worst things to happen when your device runs out of power is finding replacement batteries. At 1100mAh Ni-MH they have a good amount of power and a low discharge rate. With 80% capacity after 3 years of being idle, they out perform a lot of the more expensive versions. They are only charged up to 30% when you open the packet so you will need to plug them straight in before using. They are good for up to 1,200 charges and are ideal for the likes of gaming, toys, and shavers.

6. Energizer Recharge Power Plus

Energizer is a top brand that has a great range for you to choose from. In their Power Plus rechargeable batteries, you get a lot for your money. At 2300 mAh, they are more powerful than a lot of their competitors and are made from 4% recycled batteries. Compared to some of their other batteries, the Power Plus can last up to 4 x longer. That means more life when you might need it the most. This is great news for professionals such as photographers. You will get up to 500 charges out of it which and they make great batteries for gaming, toys, electric toothbrushes, and cameras. Pre-charged, and ready to go when you are, Energizer, have made a product that is great from the first use.

5. EBL 8 Pack AAA Rechargeable Batteries ProCyco Technology

Another reliable battery, EBL have a growing reputation, and for good reason. At. 1100mAh, they lack the power of some of their competition but make up for it through their ProCyco technology that allows the user to get up to 1,200 recharges. They maintain up to 80% of their capacity, even after 3 years of no use. So, if you find them in a cupboard years later, they will be good to go. EBL recommend their use in the likes of shavers, hand-held games, remote controls, and a lot more. They are even capable of lasting when used in more demanding devices such as digital cameras.

4. Rayovac Rechargeable AA Batteries

Rayovac makes it so highly on our list because of the incredible value they offer. Not only are they charged when you purchase so you can use them from the moment you open them, but they can be recharged up to an impressive 1,500 times. A lot of products in this price range will not be able to keep up. At 1350 mAh, they offer a good level of power. With a 5-year power warranty, they will work during this time, even when they have been in storage for long periods. Not only will you save a lot of money because they last so long, but you will be helping the environment by not continually buying disposable versions.

3. Panasonic eneloop BK-3MCCE/4BE Nickel Metal Hydride AA Batteries

Another great option, Panasonic really is one of the top brands in technology for a reason. They are environmentally friendly which is something that a lot of people are concerned about when it comes to this type of product. You can charge them up to a massive 2,100 times and they still maintain a 70% discharge rate after ten years. These are impressive features, and so is the fact that they are pre charged using solar energy. They won’t de charge in the bottom of your bag and are perfect for any demanding sort of use. Excellent for use in flashlights and other high draining technology thanks to their ability to maintain their strength.

2. Duracell-Biz DC150

With an impressive battery capacity that weighs in at 2,450mAh, Duracell has made a decent product. They perform well without excelling, the 400 recharge capability isn’t the biggest we have seen, but it will still save you a lot of money. They look good thanks to the copper top which is also practical. It means they won’t leak as easily as other batteries. Duracell says these batteries are guaranteed to last for up to 10 years when in storage so you should definitely get your money’s worth. Good for gaming, or the likes of wireless keyboards.

1. Energizer 2300Mah AA Extreme Battery

The suggests there is something different about these batteries, which is true. Made from 4% recycled batteries, Energizer have made an excellent product. For the photographer, you will appreciate the fact that they last up to 6 x longer than basic alkaline versions. This means they are a great option for anyone who relies on batteries for their work. Already charged, and ready to use straight out the packet, they will retain their charge even if you leave them at the borrow of your bag for 12 months. Not only this, but they can be recharged up to 500 times. The savings you can get from investing in these high performing batteries are amazing.

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