10 Best Resistance Bands in 2020 – Reviews

Resistance bands are fitness tools that have been gaining quite a bit of popularity over the last couple of years. That’s because they not only help people build lean muscle tissue, but they also give them the ability to work their muscles in ways that simply aren’t possible using traditional free weights or kettle weights. And they’re not just good for building muscle, either. They can also be used to improve flexibility and balance.

These bands can be taken anywhere, are fairly inexpensive and often help to build balance as they’re helping you build muscle. They are also ideal for just about everyone from absolute fitness beginners to people who’ve been working out for years. Below are ten of the fitness bands that we feel are the best one currently available.

Best Resistance Bands – Top List

10. Wenfeng Workout Band Set

This workout band set comes with everything needed to start a resistant training program off right. It comes with 5 different bands, each of these bands is color-coded, so the user knows at a glance what resistance level they offer. Yellow bands have 10-pounds of resistance, green 20-pounds, red 30-pounds, blue 40-pounds, and the black bands offer 50-pounds of resistance. All of these band are 48-inches long and can be used alone or together. They are designed to be break resistant, and each tube band is double layered for maximum resistance and durability. Also included in this set are two ankle straps and a door anchor.

9. Black Mountain Products Band Set

This kit comes with a starter guide, a door anchor, a carrying bag, an exercise chart and of course, several different bands. It comes with a 4-pound yellow band, a 6-pound blue one, a 12-pound green one, a 20-pound black one and a 30-pound red band. And all of these bands are approximately 48-inches long. A great feature about this set is that it comes with metal clips on the bands which makes it easy to attach them to ankle straps or soft-grip handles. These carabiner clips have a strength of approximately 200-pounds. Which makes this set suitable for just about any workout routine.

8. Tribe 11-Piece Exercise Band Set

This set not only comes with 11-pieces of equipment but also comes with an anti-snap promise from the manufacturer that guarantees that they won’t dry-out, deform or break unexpectedly. The bands which are included in this set are made from high-quality silicone and come in 5-different colors. The yellow band offers 5-pounds of resistance, the green 15-pounds, the red 20-pounds, the blue 30-pounds and the black is extra-strength and offers 35-pounds of resistance. Each of these bands has a metal-clip which allows them to be hooked up to door anchors or ankle straps, both of which come with this kit.

7. Exercise 41-Inch Pull Up Band

This band is rated with 60 to 150-pounds of resistance, so the user can enjoy a thorough high-quality exercise routine anytime they want. If the user needs additional bands or needs a variety of different bands, this company sells different size bands as well. This band is manufactured in such a way that it doesn’t have any seams and isn’t molded in the traditional way. What does this mean? This means that this product is extremely durable and is less likely to break than some of the competing brands found on the market. This high-quality product will provide the fitness fanatic with the resistance they need to bring their exercise routine to the next level.

6. Fit Force Athletics Home Gym Bands

This kit is not only useful to beginners looking to get started with band resistance, but also with veterans who’ve been working with bands for quite some time. This kit comes with five different bands: a 7-pound yellow band, a 17-pound red one, a 27-pound blue one and a 32-pound black band. This gives users the variety they need to do a number of exercise programs. And these bands are manufactured using only premium latex and are designed to give the user the durability they need to feel safe during workouts. This kit also comes with a door anchor, ankle straps, a handy exercise guide and a bag for everything to fit into.

5. TNT Pro-Series Stretch Bands

This set comes with three easy-to-use exercise bands which are color-coded for easy identification. In this set is a light band, a medium one and a heavy band, which gives the user options on how to proceed with their exercise routine. Each of these bands is 6-inches wide and 72-inches long, which makes them larger than most of the other resistance bands currently available. These bands are also extremely portable and very lightweight, so they can be used for everything from physical rehabilitation to Pilates training. Also included with this set is a heavy-duty door anchor which extends the workout possibilities.

4. Bodylastics Warrior Edition Bands

Fitness enthusiasts who are looking to take their workouts to a whole other level are probably going to be pretty impressed with this complete set. It comes with 6 high-quality exercise tubes which are designed to be durable and to resist snapping. There’s 3-pound, 5-pound, 8-pound, 13-pound, 19-pound and 30-pound bands in this set. Also included with this set are two heavy-duty handles, a door anchor, a smaller anchor, 2 ankle straps, and a carrying bag. It also comes with an instructional guide and the innovative band barrier, a band protectant which wraps around the band and protects it against rough surfaces.

3. Bodylastics Stackable Max Tension Bands

This 14-piece set comes with an assortment of tools that help to make workouts more productive. Included in this innovative kit are 6 snap-resistant bands which include a yellow 3-pound band, a green 5-pound, a red 8-pound one, a blue 13-pound, a black 19-pound and a purple 23-pound band. This kit also comes with a door anchor, a carrying bag, 2 ankle straps, 2 handles and a small anchor. The bands in this set are guaranteed to be professional grade, and the kit comes with an instructional manual so users can get the most out of the set that they can.

2. Upowex Stackable Band Set

Suitable for people of all fitness levels, this resistance band set comes with everything needed for a hard workout. It comes with 5 color-coded bands which include a yellow 10-pound one, a blue 20-pound, a green 30-pound, a black 40-pound and a red 50-pound band. These workout tubes are clearly marked and come with metal carabiners on the end of them. Each of these bands is approximately 48-inches long, and they are all manufactured using high-quality latex that’s designed to be snap-resistant. This product also comes with a waterproof carrying bag, 2 cushioned handles, 2 ankle straps and a door anchor. Users also get a bonus eBook that provides additional guidance.

1. CB Best Fitness Bands

No matter what a person’s fitness goals are, they can achieve them using this well-designed and innovative resistance band set. It comes with 5-different bands which each provide different resistance levels and are made of a Thermoplastic Elastomer that doesn’t have the characteristic rubber smell that other workout bands do. These band can be used for resistance training of all types and can also be used for Pilates or yoga routines. These loop bands also come with a bag to hold all of them together and an instruction booklet which gives the user the guidance they need to begin their regimen and use the bands properly.

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How to Buy Resistance Bands

If you’re looking for high-quality exercise bands, then you are going to have to take a few factors into consideration. Below are a few things that you may want to consider before running out and buying a pair of resistance bands.

Determine Your Needs – The first thing you’ll want to take into consideration is the purpose of your exercise bands. Are they going to be used in addition to a strength training regimen or are they being used as part of a stand-alone regimen? If you only plan on using the resistance bands and nothing else, then you may want to buy several bands or maybe even a band kit.

Determine Type of Bands – Another thing to be taken into consideration are the type of bands you need. There are basically two different types of fitness bands. There are loop bands and strip bands. Loop fitness bands are a little more expensive, but they’re also easier to hold on to and ultimately use. Strip bands are cheaper, but you will have to buy additional equipment to use them successfully. It’s also important to note that cheap strip bands are more likely to break under stress than loop ones.

Understand Resistance Band Ratings – Resistance bands come in 4 different strengths. Light bands offer approximately 5-pounds of resistance. Medium bands offer 8 to 10-pounds, and heavy bands offer 12 to 15 pounds of resistance. Extra heavy bands offer 16 to 20-pounds of resistance. Understanding these ratings will help you determine your particular needs. Most of the time these ratings are expressed by the color of the fitness bands. For example, some manufacturer’s use the color yellow to indicate light resistance bands and black for extra-heavy bands.

Choose a Diverse Selection – Unless you’re buying a special resistance level for a particular exercise, then you should probably buy a number of different bands at first. If you don’t want to have to buy a set or buy 5 individual bands, then just select the three most important ones for exercising. The three most important ones are light, medium and heavy. Choosing these three basic bands will allow you to perform a great range of exercises, and will give you a range of resistance levels that enable you to step up your exercise routine as needed.

Buy & Use Accessories – Some people buy bands, have problems using them and then put them in a closet, never to use them again. The main problem that these people have with the resistance bands is they didn’t buy the proper accessories to use with them for the exercises they wanted to perform. That’s why it’s important to research how you are going to want to attach the bands to accessories that anchor them. Some exercises require door attachments or ankle cuffs to perform the exercise correctly. However, if you’re just performing seated rows, then you won’t need any accessories at all.

Using Fitness Bands Safely

If there’s one thing that I would like to stress, it’s the fact that you should take proper precautions before using any piece of fitness equipment. If not used properly, exercise bands can snap unexpectedly, and if they’re under full tension, they can snap with explosive force. And this can potentially cause injury. That’s why everyone should take the proper precautions when using this piece of exercise equipment, or any other piece of exercise equipment for that matter. Here are a few other safety tips to keep in mind when using exercising bands:

Consult a Physician – Before undertaking any fitness regimen, no matter how light, always be sure to consult with a physician to make sure that you’re healthy enough to undertake an exercise program.

Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions – It’s also extremely vital that you thoroughly read the instructions that come with your resistance bands. Be sure to follow all recommendations and to use the bands in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Inspect the Bands Daily – Yes, you should check your exercise bands on a daily basis to ensure that they are in the best condition possible. If you fail to do this, then you can inadvertently use bands that are worn or damaged, and these bands can suddenly break – resulting in injury. If a band is worn or damaged, throw it out immediately and buy a new one.

Wear Proper Clothing – Always make sure that you’re wearing appropriate clothing while working out. This includes exercise shoes that are in good conditions and clothing items that aren’t too large or baggy and won’t interfere with the proper functioning of the band.

Protect Your Eyes – Some band manufacturers recommend wearing safety goggles while using exercise bands or not looking at the bands while exercising. That’s because fitness bands can potentially snap and cause eye injury, so always be sure to take proper precautions.

Don’t Overstretch – You should avoid overstretching the resistance bands. Overstretching may cause them to suddenly break or may damage them in such a way that they break at a future date. Always be sure to stay within the recommended safety norms of the product.

Don’t Double Up the Bands – While it’s common practice to double up bands to increase resistance, it’s not really a recommended practice. Instead, buy a variety of bands in a number of different strengths. This will give you the resistance level you need at any given time, and the use of multiple bands will ensure that the bands last longer.

Keep Your Environment Clean – Remove all unnecessary obstacles. You don’t want anything that you can bump into and hurt yourself with or anything that will damage or otherwise interfere with the proper functioning of the exercise bands. Also, make sure that your floor isn’t slippery and there aren’t rugs or any other potentially hazardous items on the floor.

Adults Only – Children should never use resistance bands. This article of fitness equipment is only suitable for adults.

Keep Pets and Kids Away – Make sure that your pets and children aren’t in the room with you while you’re working out with resistance bands. They can become injured if the bands suddenly break, so always make sure that they are safely away from the area.

In Conclusion

Exercise bands are a great way to do your daily workout, as long as you purchase the best ones possible and follow some common sense safety instructions. If you do, then you’ll find that these resistance bands do a great job at improving overall muscle tone, and even have a positive effect on fine motor skills and balance. Not to mention that they can be used by just about adult, regardless of age or physical condition.