10 Best Shampoos For Men in 2020 – Reviews

Although some men don’t pay much attention to the type of shampoo they buy for their own personal use, and sometimes even just use their wife’s shampoo, the truth of the matter is that men’s hair requires special consideration. Any old shampoo just won’t cut the mustard, as they say, what they need is a good quality shampoo for men. That’s the only product that will do their hair justice.

Therefore, it’s important for any man who’s serious about their hair to choose the best men’s shampoo possible. After all, the shampoo a man uses is the base upon which a great looking hairstyle can be built. With that in mind, we’ve decided to do some research and find the best shampoos for males. These products not only clean men’s hair but they do it very well.

Best Shampoos For Men – Top List

10. Proper Invigorating Mint Shampoo

This shampoo is designed for just about any hair type and conveys a number of benefits to the user. It’s made with tea tree oil that works as a natural exfoliant and helps to prevent excess oil buildup. This ingredient also cleans the scalp and does it a lot better than many of the chemical surfactants that most shampoos use. This product is safe for color-treated hair and contains a UV protectant that protects the man’s hair from the damaging rays of the sun. Best of all, however, is that this product has a nice refreshing smell that won’t overpower the men’s cologne and leaves him feeling confident all day long.

9. Axe 2-in-1 Dark Temptation Shampoo & Conditioner

Men who are in a hurry don’t want to waste their time applying both shampoo and a separate conditioner, so they often choose a 2-in-1 product that’s both products in one bottle. And that is exactly what this product provides to its users. It cleans and conditions hair at the same time, which makes it easy for the man to jump in and out of the shower and be out the door in a flash. This product produces hair that is extremely soft, and it has a scent that contains notes of red peppercorn, hot chocolate, and amber. All things considered, this product is the shampoo that is seemingly a good fit for just about any modern man.

8. Clubman Country Club Shampoo

Although this product has “country club” in its name, you don’t have to be rich to enjoy this reasonably priced shampoo for men. It’s manufactured with hydrolyzed soy protein and panthenol, two ingredients which help to make men’s hair thicker and more luxurious. It’s also made with other high-quality ingredients which allow it to quickly foam up and provide the cleaning power men need to get their hair clean fast. This product’s formulation also rinses off of the hair completely and will never weight down or dull the man’s hair. All of which makes it an ideal shampoo for just about any men’s hair type.

7. Neutrogena T/Gel Daily Control 2-in-1

Not only does this shampoo provide fast-acting dandruff relief, with the help of 1% pyrithione zinc, it’s also a 2-in-1 shampoo, which means that it not only cleans the hair but conditions it as well. This product will not only relieve the itchy and scaliness of dandruff but will also help to get rid of it altogether, when it’s used as part of a daily shampooing regimen. And even though this shampoo effectively rids the user of dandruff and does a great job at cleaning hair, it also somehow manages to leave the man’s hair feeling soft, smooth and under control.

6. Shiny Leaf Cold-Pressed Castor Oil Shampoo

Thanks to this shampoo, men can harness the hair growth potential of cold-pressed castor oil and apply it to their own hair. Castor oil is an ingredient that’s long believed to fight hair loss by stimulating the man’s hair follicles, thereby allowing the hair to grow in quicker and thicker than with traditional shampoos. And since this product is vegan-friendly and has never been tested on animals, it’s good for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly product. This shampoo is capable of cleaning, clarifying, a detoxifying hair to remove pollutants, dirt and excess body oil from your scalp. It’s a modern shampoo for modern men.

5. K+S Salon Quality Men’s Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Although this ten best product’s list was for the best men’s shampoos and not shampoo and conditioner sets, this product combination was too good to pass up. That’s because this set combines two great products that not only allow men to clean their hair efficiently but also to keep it manageable and soft. The main ingredient used in this set is tea tree oil, an ingredient that’s long been known for its medicinal benefits. This ingredient can reduce inflammation and help to remove bacteria from hair follicles. The second ingredient featured in this set is peppermint oil, an ingredient which soothes the scalp. These two ingredients form the foundation of a great shampoo and conditioner set that any man can enjoy.

4. Brickell Men’s Daily Strengthening Shampoo

This men’s shampoo has been featured in several different men’s health magazines and is made from a unique combination of natural ingredients. This product is ideal for men with just about any hair type, including men with dull, damaged, or color-treated hair. It’s powerful enough to clean just about anything from a man’s hair but is safe enough for daily use. Some of the key ingredients which can be found in this fabulous shampoo include aloe vera, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-5, tea tree oil, peppermint, silk amino acids and other natural ingredients. All of which makes this product over 95% natural and over 80% organic.

3. Head & Shoulders Classic Clean

Head & Shoulders is the number one anti-dandruff shampoo in the United States, maybe even the world. And there’s a good reason for that simple fact. It’s because this product quickly and effectively gets rid of dandruff problems and does it without causing damage to men’s hair follicles. This product is made using pyrithione zinc, an ingredient that’s been proven to effectively deal with dandruff problems. This shampoo doesn’t just alleviate dandruff and prevent itching, however. It also has a clean scent that will leave the man feeling clean and confident all day long. And that’s another reason for men to really appreciate this shampoo.

2. Suave Men 3-In-1 Shampoo Citrus Rush

Anytime a brand creates a product that is not only an excellent shampoo but also an excellent conditioner and body wash, then you know it’s going to be a hit. Which is probably a good reason why Suave Men 3-in-1 Citrus Rush shampoo is so popular among men. This product allows men to handle all of their washing needs without having to resort to juggling multiple bottles of products in the shower. It not only gently cleans hair and skin, but it also conditions hair as well. It’s made with select amino acids, keratin amino acids, and glycerin, all of which allows both hair and skin to hold in essential oils and moisture.

1. Selenium Shampoo for All Hair Types

It doesn’t matter what type of hair a man has because this shampoo is sophisticated enough to handle it. This product can be used for fine or thick hair, dry or oily hair, or hair that’s damage or color treated. It’s a formulation that contains only the highest quality formulation of ingredients and is designed to provide professional shampooing results. This product not only restores the proteins that hair often loses but also helps to fight psoriasis and dandruff as well. It can also help with blood circulation around the scalp and contains a number of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that help restore damaged hair to its former glory.

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How to Choose a Shampoo For Men

Although we’ve provided you with some strong shampoo products for you to consider, you may want to know what to look for when buying a men’s shampoo. And there are several different reasons a man may decide to go with their own shampoo selection instead of one of ours. Perhaps the ones we’ve chosen don’t have a scent that appeals to them or perhaps, the manufacturer stops selling it at some point. Regardless, every man should know how to select a great shampoo.

While it seems like there’s a never-ending selection of shampoos for males currently available, it really isn’t all that hard to find a product that suits a man’s particular needs. All they have to do is to keep their eye out for some of the key ingredients used in these products and avoid the products with ingredients that aren’t suitable. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It actually is, so let’s get started.

Ingredients to Avoid

There are quite a few ingredients that can be found in some shampoos that alert them that the product isn’t going to be good for their hair. And believe me, the number of toxic or damaging ingredients that can be found in shampoos can be staggering. Even so, we managed to break down the list to the 8 most damaging ingredients.

  • Parabens: This product can cause a hormonal imbalance in men’s bodies. It can also dry out men’s scalp or cause scalp irritation.
  • Alcohol: While this product is suitable in the correct dosage, if too much is used in a shampoo it can dry out the scalp. Therefore, it’s probably wise to avoid shampoos that list this product as their first (and thereby most plentiful) ingredient.
  • Sodium Chloride: This ingredient can cause itchy scalp and/or severe allergic reactions.
  • Formaldehyde: Yes, this is the same product that is often used to prepare dead bodies for burial. This product is extremely toxic and can even cause baldness in some circumstances.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: While a little bit of this ingredient is probably fine, too many shampoos fill their product with it and this can result in natural oils being stripped from the hair. This can make hair look dull, lifeless and dry.
  • Petroleum: This ingredient can clog hair follicles and can interfere with the bodies natural production of body oil.
  • Propylene Glycol: This ingredient unnecessarily dries out men’s hair and can cause scalp irritation.
  • Polyethylene Glycol: See Propylene Glycol above.
  • Diethanolamine & Triethanolamine: These two ingredients are synthetic fragrances. They may cause scalp irritation and/or allergic reactions in some men.
  • Dimethicone: Some men have reported rashes when using products that contain this ingredient. To be on the safe side, just avoid shampoos which use this ingredient, if possible.

Ingredients to Embrace

Now that we’ve covered some of the nasty ingredients which can work their ways into our shampoos, it’s time to talk about the ingredients that men should embrace. The following isn’t a complete list of all of the beneficial ingredients that can be found in high-quality men’s shampoos, but it’s a good selection that will enable most men to find their ideal shampoo.

  • Tea Tree Oil: This ingredient helps to nourish hair roots and can also remove bacteria from the hair follicle.
  • Argan Oil: A common oil that helps heal split-ends and makes the hair more manageable.
  • Keratin: A protein which can strengthen men’s cuticles and helps prevent split-ends.
  • Aloe Vera: Repairs dry and damaged scalps.
  • Olive Oil: Eliminates scalp flakiness and makes the hair softer.
  • Glycerin: Helps hair retain moisture, which prevents the hair from drying out.
  • Coconut Oil: Moisturizers the scalp and provides Vitamin E to the hair.
  • Jojoba Oil: Helps to create favorable conditions to encourage hair growth.
  • Shea Butter: Helps the hair and scalp retain moisture.
  • Moroccan Oil: Controls frizziness and alleviates dandruff itching.

Buy Shampoo According to Hair Type

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should buy shampoos that are suitable for your hair type. Generally speaking, most men know that there are about three different men’s hair types. There’s dry hair, normal hair, and oily hair. But what few men realize is that there are two additional hair types: fine and curly (or frizzy). And you definitely don’t want to buy a shampoo that’s not made for your hair type. That’s why we’ve included a few things to keep in mind when choosing a shampoo for your particular hair type.

  • Normal Hair: If you have normal hair, then it may be a bit tough to find a shampoo that’s right for you. That’s because most manufacturers create shampoos to solve a particular hair problem. However, normal shampoos do exist, if you’re willing to hunt for them. Just look for products that have an equal ratio of conditioners to cleansers in them.
  • Oily Hair: Oily hair needs shampoos that can remove greasy residues that come from either the scalp’s overproduction of oil or from styling products. A clarifying shampoo is usually the prescription for this type of hair and these type of shampoos usually contain salicylic acid in them to break down oils left on the scalp and hair.
  • Dry Hair: Dry hairs need a moisturizing formula to bring them back. While some shampoos use dimethicone to achieve this effect, it’s probably safer to use products such as Cyclomethicone or guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride to help the hair retain moisture.
  • Curly Hair: This hair type generally needs a product that can keep the hair in check. While a number of different formulations can achieve this effect, look for products that describe themselves as cleansing conditioners.
  • Fine Hair: Look for products which contain either Polyquaternium 7 and/or Polyquaternium 10. These ingredients can create the appearance of thicker hair. While silicone achieves the same effect, you might remember that it’s on our naughty list, so try to avoid it if you can.


The last thing that you want to keep in mind is the price. While you don’t want to try to buy a cheap shampoo for men that is almost certainly full of undesirable ingredients and fillers, you also don’t want to go the other route and spend too much on shampoo. Choose a product that fits your needs and isn’t either too cheap or too expensive and you should be just fine.