10 Best Spark Plugs in 2020 – Reviews

Not a whole lot of people give the spark plug much thought, at least, not until they notice that their car’s performance has downgraded substantially. That’s when they decide to take action and replace their plugs with new ones. After all, how well an internal combustion engine runs depends a lot upon the quality of the plugs installed in them. To further illustrate just how important this automotive part is to the proper functioning of the modern internal combustion engine, we’ve listed ten of the best spark plugs currently available. Now anyone can get the performance they desire out of their vehicle by just changing a few little plugs when they need to be changed.

Best Spark Plugs – Top List

10. Motorcraft Spark Plugs SP515

Anyone who has owned Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicles knows that they use Motorcraft auto parts when they roll off the factory. That’s because Motorcraft is a company that’s owned by Ford and is therefore designed for the specifications of their vehicles. These particular models of spark plugs are suitable for a variety of Ford vehicles, including the Ford Expedition, Lincoln Mark LT and Lincoln Navigators, Ford F-150, F-250 Super Duty, and some Mercury Grand Marquis models. They provide the precision sparking that the engine needs to run to its full potential.

9. BMW Platinum Bosch Plug Set

Certain vehicles require spark plugs that are specifically designed for their engines, and BMWs are no exception to that rule. Anyone who wants their BMW to operate in a precise and efficient manner is going to want to replace their spark plugs with the plugs that are specifically designed for their vehicle. Unfortunately, when it comes to BMW plugs there’s a lot of fake ones out there, so it is always advisable that the consumer does their due diligence. Having said that, these spark plugs are the real deal and will provide compatible BMW models with the precision performance that a person expects out of their vehicle.

8. NGK Iridium IX BKR6EIX Spark Plugs

Iridium spark plugs might be more expensive than other types of plugs but that’s because they not only last longer but also provide better performance. These plugs are designed with a 0.6-millimeter laser welded fine Iridium tip that ensures that a consistent spark is fired up every time the vehicle is started. This fine tip is also grounded so that it minimizes the electrical dampening effect that plague other types of plug. Because Iridium is hard and more durable than platinum, these plugs also tend to wear more evenly and to hold up to the demands posed by modern performance engines.

7. AC Delco Professional Iridium Plugs 41-03

These high-quality plugs have a gap of 0.42 and have Iridium tips that hold up quite well. These plugs are designed to hold up to the demands of performance engines and they tend to last longer than conventional copper or platinum plugs. This means that more miles can be put on the vehicle when it’s equipped with these plugs than when they’re equipped with inferior plugs. Another thing to like about these plugs is that because of the high-heat resistance they provide a quality spark every time and are less likely to foul than platinum plugs. That’s why so many people choose to install these plugs in their compatible vehicle.

6. Champion RC12YC Spark Plugs

Although we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the plugs that are installed in cars and trucks, we think it’s time to appreciate the plugs that go into lawnmowers and tractors. After all, not every spark plug is designed for automotive use, they’re also required for small engines. These plugs aren’t too fancy, but then again, when a person needs a plug for their mower they don’t need fancy, do they? These plugs are designed with a copper core and are manufactured to be extremely durable and dependable. They’re plugs that will keep those small engines humming along for quite a long time to come.

5. Bosch Platinum Spark Plugs 6702

These Bosch platinum plugs are one of the few plugs currently available that offer a 4-year performance guarantee. That’s just how confident Bosch is in the design and manufacturing standards of these plugs. They’re made with a platinum firing pin and an Iridium enhanced ground electrode that provides twice the service life to the vehicle that copper plugs offer. Their fine wire electrode is not only extremely durable under harsh conditions but also provides the ignitability that the engine needs its spark plugs to have. With a better spark comes a more complete fuel burn and that results in better fuel performance.

4. Bosch Double Iridium Spark Plug 9620

What’s better than plugs with copper, platinum, double platinum or Iridium firing pins? How about plugs that feature a double Iridium firing pink and ground electrode like this one? This model is designed to provide over four times the service life of copper spark plugs and to provide better performance while it does it. These plugs use a 360-degree continuous laser weld that fuses corrosion-resistant material to the firing pin for increased durability. The result is a spark plug that performs better and has an extended service life. A service life that’s backed by Bosch’s 7-year performance satisfaction guarantee.

3. AC Delco 41-962 Professional Platinum Plugs

AC Delco has been providing consumers with quality automotive parts for the last century, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they also make some of the best platinum spark plugs available. These platinum plugs are designed according to strict specifications and will typically hold up better than comparable plugs. They also provide excellent ignition thanks to their computer produced tips that are designed with precision. All things considered, these plugs are the go-to choice for anyone who needs a high-quality plug that will work day in and day out for many, many miles. When excellence is needed, these plugs are ready to step up to the plate.

2. Denso Platinum TT PK20TT Plugs

Denso might not be a company that’s a household name, they do manufacture some excellent spark plugs. And these plugs are proof of that point. These platinum plugs use twin-tip technology to deliver a spark that simply can’t be beaten by lesser quality plugs. This allows these plugs to ignite the fuel faster and that provides better fuel economy. It also means that these plugs are capable of providing the user with faster starts and better highway acceleration than many of the single platinum plugs available. All of which makes the plugs something a person should consider buying before they change their old plugs out.

1. NGK 7090 G-Power Spark Plugs

When it’s necessary for a vehicle to have performance and fuel efficiency, then it’s necessary to install G-Power spark plugs in that vehicle. These plugs are made with a 0.6mm laster welded fine platinum tip that requires less voltage to fire than conventional platinum plugs and consistently lights every single time. It also features a special insulator nose that helps to prevent fouling and improve throttle response. And finally, these plugs not only increase power and fuel efficiency, but they also allow for quicker starts and lower vehicle emissions. These features simply mean that these plugs are some of the best ones currently around when used in compatible engines.

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