10 Best Straight Razors in 2020 – Reviews

Some people want to use a straight razor because it makes them feel nostalgic and gives them a connection with the past. Others use it because it looks cool. All of which doesn’t really matter. Because no matter what reason people have for buying a straight-edge razor, they will continue to use it because these blades give the shaver the best shave possible. Nothing else can really compare.

Their increased popularity, however, also means that hundreds of different companies are offering thousands of different type of straight blades. All of which can make it extremely difficult for the shaver to find a model that not only fits their shaving style but also does a good job of getting that ultra-smooth and close shave. Keeping that in mind, we have ten of the best razor models for your consideration listed below.

Best Straight Razors – Top List

10. Sanguine Wood Handle Razor

With a classy all-natural wood handle that isn’t painted or polished in any way, this product is ideal for shavers who desire a traditional looking razor. It’s shipped with a pouch that looks like leather and keeps the razor safe and secure until the next time it’s needed. This razor also comes with a pack of 5-free blades. The blades that come with it are double-edged, so it’s as if the user is really getting 10 blades instead of just 5 blades. This razor also has a brass screw which can be quickly adjusted and has thumb rests which give the beginning shaver a better grip. A better grip allows for a better shave.

9. Facon Professional Straight Edge

This razor delivers barber quality results and is backed by a standard lifetime return guarantee. It’s manufactured using stainless-steel and has a durable black powder coating that helps to protect it. It’s perfectly balanced and weighted, so as not to interfere with the shaver’s natural strokes. It has a swing lock blade insert that is exposed at a higher rate and is designed to provide the user with a smooth shave. And this product is not only made to never rust or tarnish but is designed to provide many years of shaves. It also comes with a 100 straight-edge blades, which further adds to its value.

8. Black Widow Barber Straight Edge

With a handle that features the traditional barber pole design and is easy to not only hold but use, this razor is the ideal gift for the hair stylist or the barber in your life. It’s made using high-quality stainless steel that makes it both tarnish and rust-resistant and has an ergonomic build that makes it extremely well balanced. This razor has a 1.5mm blade exposure, which makes it perfect for beard and mustache detailing. And since it weighs under 3-ounces, using it won’t wear out the shaver’s hand. This product also comes with 20 pre-cut Derby razor blades, so the unit is ready to go as soon as the user receives it.

7. Black Widow Executive Brand

This 2.6-ounce razor is ergonomically designed so that it’s easy to hold and easy to shave with. It’s made from rust-resistant stainless steel and is perfectly set with a 1.5mm blade exposure so that it can be used for precise detail work. Since this razor is extremely well-balanced, it doesn’t strain the wrist as much as other razors do either. It’s also built with thumb hooks and ridges that make it easier to hold as well. This product will deliver a beautifully precise shave and is designed to hold up to hundreds or maybe thousands of shaves. All the shaver has to do is buy the correct blades for this razor, and it’s ready to perform.

6. Equinox Professional Straight-Edge

This razor has a number of exciting features which make it easy for everyone from amateur shavers to expert barbers cut their beards to their personal satisfaction. It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold and easy to use. This razor is also designed using high-quality stainless steel so that it will hold up nicely to regular use. It also comes with a box of 100 single-edge Derby blades that are individually wrapped for safety purposes. And since each of the blades can deliver approximately 3 shaves, that means that this product can provide up to 300 shaves before new blades have to be purchased.

5. Parker SRX Professional Razor

Designed to be used by professional barbers, this straight razor has all the features a person needs for a high-quality shave. It’s made from stainless-steel and has a heavyweight blade arm, as well as heavy-duty scales, and yet only weighs approximately 2.3-ounces before a blade is equipped. This razor accepts both 1/2 double edge blades as well as single-edge blades, so the user can determine for themselves which they prefer. And since this product has a lock blade holder, blade insertion is easy and very secure. All of which is expected from a Parker product; A company that’s known for producing quality products.

4. Classic Samurai CS-102 Razor

Manufactured using only genuine surgical-grade stainless-steel and perfectly balanced for shaving, this product is designed to deliver professional results. It has a smooth handle and is easy to hold onto while using and has a rounded exposure at the end of the blade compartment which helps to reduce the likelihood of cuts. This razor comes with a plastic storage pouch for easy storage and comes with 100 Derby single-edge razor blades. With proper care and use, this straight edge razor should give the user many, many shaves and last them quite a long time.

3. Feather SS Folding Handle Razor

The Feather SS is designed to hold up to just about anything the user can throw at it and still keep on delivering high-quality precision shaves. It has a stainless-steel handle which can resist heat up to 135-degrees Celsius, so it can be autoclaved, and also resists many common household chemicals as well. Its enameled handle feels good in the hand and gives the user the grip they need to use a gentle shave stroke on their face. And changing the blade on this model is quick and easy. All of which makes this razor suitable for both home and barber shop or salon use.

2. Classic Necessity Straight-Edged Shaving Kit

This product has a nice design that makes it easy to use, very precise and very durable, too. This product has a very durable handle and its easy to put new blades into it and take the old ones out. This razor is professionally packaged, comes with a complete instruction guide and is easy to get ready for use in no time flat. This kit also comes with 50 double-edge razors that can be cut in half to make 100 total razors. All of these features ensure that this product gives the shaver many years of service life and this whole kit makes for a great gift to give to any man.

1. Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

Although this straight razor isn’t sold with a blade, due to blades for it being sold separately, it’s still one of the best razors currently available. That’s because a lot of time and attention has been placed into this product, and it clearly shows in all of its design features. This product is engineered to be extremely durable and has a heat-resistant gum handle that can hold up to temperatures as high as 135-degrees Celsius. This means that this product can be easily sterilized in an autoclave for use by professional salons or barbershops. This razor is also expertly balanced, so when a blade is placed in it, it will deliver a shave that’s extremely precise and close.

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How to Buy a Straight Razor

More and more men are beginning to embrace the ritualistic and meditative nature of shaving with a straight razor. Men are rediscovering why this method was the preferred shaving method for so many years and why so many barbers continue to use them when they’re shaving their customers. Not to mention that it can also be part of a luxurious shaving experience, too. Men can sharpen their blades, warm their shaving cream and then gives themselves a quality shave that will make them feel good all day long. It’s no wonder the common straight razor has become popular nowadays.

Unfortunately, since the art of shaving with a straight edge razor is somewhat removed from the modern experience, some men don’t know what they should look for when choosing a blade. They don’t know many of the catchphrases that many of the blade manufacturer’s use and don’t know what features they may need. In order to help these men out, we’ve decided to go over some of the more common terms that companies use to describe their products and what features potential straight blade shavers should look for when trying to choose a product that fits their lifestyle and/or shaving style.

Traditional Straight Razor or Shavette Model

Before we start with deciding whether you want a traditional straight razor or a Shavette, first we have to settle nomenclature. Shavette is technically the brand name of a straight razor with a disposable blade that was manufactured by a German company called Dovo. Today, the name is commonly used by some vendors to any razor in which the blade is disposable. Now let’s talk about the differences between these razors and traditional straight-edged ones.

For the most part, these two blades are pretty similar. All that really separates them is the blade. Shavette razors usually are sharper, and this can have both positive and negatives effects while a person is using them to shave. Sure, they cut closer than traditional cut throat razors, but they can also cause nicks, especially if the shaver is inexperienced. Shavettes are also usually cheaper, but there is a learning curve involved with using them. That’s why many men opt to use traditional razors in the beginning, and then eventually migrate over to these razors when they have a little more experience.

Traditional straight-edge razors, also known as cutthroats, are usually more expensive but they also have a finer quality blade. However, because this blade is of a higher quality, it means that the user has to pay more attention to keeping the blade in good condition. This means properly sharpening the blade and keeping it in top shaving condition. Fortunately, these are offset because the blade is easier to use by inexperienced shavers.

Blade Thickness

People have all kinds of different opinions over what’s the best blade thickness, but really it’s not all that complicated. For beginners, a blade should be in the 5/8-inch to 6/8-inch thickness range. This is a good range for individuals who want to lower their chance of getting cut. For experienced straight edge shavers, however, a 9/16-inch or a 4/8-inch razor is usually more desirable because blades in this thickness range deliver a closer shave. Beware of cheaply made straight razors which have really thick blades and are hard to use or sharpen.

How to Take Care of a Cutthroat Razor

If you do decide to buy a traditional straight razor instead of one with a disposable edge, then you are going to have to take care of it. And much like learning how to use a cutthroat in the first place, proper maintenance of a cutthroat razor is a time-honored tradition and takes some time to learn. To help you along, we’ve provided some basic tips for keeping your razor in tip-top condition.

Strop the Razor – Proper blade maintenance requires buying a leather strop and strop paste and using them on a regular basis. Making sure it’s properly anchored on one end and that you hold the other end, pull the strop straight with the smooth side facing up. Holding it at about a 30-degree angle, push one side of the blade along the strop and away from you. When you’ve reached the end, flip the razor over and pull the razor along the strop towards you. Do this for approximately 15 to 20-times. If the strop isn’t wide enough to cover the entire width of the blade, then do figure X patterns back and forth for 15 to 20 times. At the final stages, a stropping paste can be used to hone the blade further.

Rinse Blade After Use – It’s also important to make sure that you properly rinse the blade after each use. Hair can have a dulling effect on a blade, so you definitely don’t want to leave excess hair loitering around the blade’s edge. Rinse it gently under running water and then dry it to keep it in good condition.

Keep Razor Lightly Oiled – Also place a light coating of oil on the blade. Not too much, just enough to protect it. Once you’ve done that, you can then go ahead and store it in a nice dry place. Ideally, you shouldn’t keep it in the bathroom because of the moisture. Instead, you should keep it in a drawer or other storage compartment in another part of your home. Moisture can cause havoc to a blade.

Rest the Blade for 24-Hours – It’s common practice to allow the blade to rest for at least 24-hours before using it again. This is to give time for the edge of the blade to relax after it has been flexed back and forth. While it’s not always possible to rest a blade for 24-hours, it’s good practice to keep it from having to be sharpened so much. If you’ll need to use it before that time, either consider using a straight-edge with a disposable blade or buy a second traditional straight-edged razor.

Use the Blade Regularly – You also want to avoid the extreme of not using the razor enough. As a general rule, the razor should be used twice a week, if possible. If that’s not possible, then consider using it at least once a week to keep it in good condition.