10 Best Tower Fans in 2020 – Reviews

When people need to circulate the air in a room, they usually use a box fan, but that’s not usually the best thing to do. Although there is nothing wrong with using a box fan, they don’t usually do as good of a job as tower fans do. And there are several reasons for that fact.

These types of fans have a vertical profile that allows them to be placed just about anywhere in the room, do a great job of circulating the air, and are often packed with features that allow them to be set exactly as needed. To show off just how great these fans are, we’ve reviewed ten of the best tower fans and listed them below for convenience.

Best Tower Fans – Top List

10. Artic-Pro Digital Oscillating Fan With Remote

This digital tower fan is approximately 42-inches tall when it’s attached to its pedestal and is capable of providing great air circulation in a room. This model has three different fan speeds and 3 different modes that include wind, nature wind, and sleep modes. It also provides 80-degrees of oscillation, so that it can easily push air throughout a room. And since it’s whisper-quiet, this fan can even be used in a person’s bedroom without disturbing. It even comes with remote control for convenience. All of these features make this digital tower fan a great addition to just about any home or apartment.

9. Ozeri OZF1 Modern Fan

This modern tower fan probably has one of the most stylish and sophisticated designs that we’ve seen in quite some time. That’s not surprising considering that they were designed to be used at 5-Star resorts. What is surprising, however, is the wide range of features that can be found in this fan. This model stands 42-inches tall and has a slim profile, so it can be placed virtually anywhere, and it’s capable of pushing up to 5,000 cubic feet of air per minute. It also features 3 preprogrammed airflow patterns, has 90-degree oscillation for excellent room coverage, and has an LED screen that can be dimmed in night mode.

8. Honeywell Fresh Breeze Fan With Remote

This 3-speed tower fan is just the right size and has just the right features to allow it to be used in any part of the home. It’s equipped with special wind-generator blades than move more air, on average, than the blades that are equipped on box fans, or even some other tower fans. It’s also equipped with a programmable thermostat, a timer shut-off feature, and an LCD that’s very intuitive to use. And since this product is manufactured by Honeywell, a trusted company in the industry, consumers can rest assured that when they buy this fan, they’re getting a quality product that will enhance airflow in their home.

7. Lasko 42-Inch Wind-Curve Fan

Anyone who has never used a Lasko fan might be surprised to find out that this company has been producing quality fans for over a century now, but people who have used on of their fans won’t be surprised at all. These people know Lasko they’ve been making quality products for a long time just by using one of the products—like this tower fan. This model is 43-inches tall and has a 13×13-inch footprint that allows it to circulate air efficiently, but do it without taking up a whole lot of space. It’s also ETL-listed, has a 7.5-hour electronic timer, and a beautiful wood-inlaid design that fits in with the decor of any room.

6. Genesis 43-Inch Fan With Max Cool Technology

This oscillating tower fan might not have a snazzy appearance like many of the other fans on this list, but we count that as a positive feature. That’s because when this fan is placed into a room, it doesn’t stand out. Instead, it fades into the room’s decor, so a person can enjoy its cool air without worrying about whether it’s going to stick out like a sore thumb. Its plain look isn’t the only great thing about this fan, however. It’s also equipped with exciting features that make it more effective at circulating room air and easier to use. Features that include 6-speed settings, 3-wind modes, and 12-hour programmable timer.

5. Pelonis 40-Inch 3-Speed Pedestal Fan

This 3-speed fan can be placed in any room of a home because it has a slim profile that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Just because it’s slim, however, doesn’t mean that it can circulate a lot of air because it can. This fan can move quite a lot of air around the room and it can do it with only a decibel rating of 45-decibels, so it’s suitable for use in rooms where people are sleeping. It features a digital display, a contemporary design, and is equipped with an overheat protection device that shuts the fan off when the motor overheats. All of which makes it a great addition to any room.

4. Soleus Air 35-Inch Fan With Remote

This product from Soleus Air might seem like a basic tower fan but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a fan that provides excellent air circulation and has the features needed so that a person can use it effectively. This fan stands 35-inches tall, has a remote control and is equipped with a 7.5-hour timer that can automatically shut off the fan. Another great feature that can be found on this fan are LED indicator lights that keep the user informed about the fan’s current settings. And because it’s designed with a low-vibration motor, this tower fan is not only powerful but also very quiet, too.

3. Air Choice 43-Inch Bladeless Fan

This tower fan will help the user lower their energy costs by circulating cool air during the summer months and warm air during the winter months. It’s a 43-inch fan that has a compact profile, so it can be placed anywhere in a home, and it has a 7.5-hour timer that allows for virtually hands-free operation. This fan is also equipped with 3-speeds and 3-wind modes, so the user can set it according to their preferences. Other features that can be found on this quality tower fan include an ETL-listing, bladeless technology, and a safety-fence so it can be used around pets and children.

2. Seville Classics Ultra-Slimline Fan

With a slim profile and a solid black color that complements any home’s decor, this fan is sure to make an impression on a lot of different people. This model has 4-speed settings that include an “ECO” mode, as well as low, medium, and high modes. It also offers an impressive 75-degrees of oscillation, so it can move more air around the room than comparable tower fans. This product can move 275 cubic-feet-per-minute of air, has a programmable 7.5-hour time, and is very quiet while it’s in use. And it even comes with a remote control that allows anyone to turn it on or off from across the room.

1. Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier & Fan

This tower fan not only has a cool modern design, but it is also equipped with an insane amount of features that make it a must-have accessory for any home. This fan is equipped with 10 different air-speeds, a sleep timer, and an automatic shutoff feature that turns it off if it’s tipped over. It also features a bladeless design that makes it safe to use around children and pets. Although all of those features are great, probably the greatest feature that it has is that it has a built-in air purifier that can remove 99.96% of all pollutants and allergens in a room. A feature that makes it ideal for any home and one that makes it the best tower fan that can currently be bought.

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