9 Best Waist Trainers in 2020 – Reviews

The best waist trainers not only slim down the wearer’s waistline but also help to increase heat in a person’s core while they’re exercising. This increased thermal activity is supposed to help the wearer sweat more during exercise—and as a result, lose inches from around the gut area. These trainers also provide the additional benefit of improving a person’s posture, and some of them can even help a person achieve that hourglass shape if it’s worn underneath their clothing. Let’s take a closer look at these remarkable garments so that anyone interested in using them can find the one that suits their body.

Best Waist Trainers – Top List

9. Loday Trainer Corset For Tummy Control

This quality waist trainer is designed with a double layer of high compression materials that not only tighten the gut area but also helps a person achieve an hourglass shape. It’s available in several different sizes so that it can fit just about any body-type and these sizes include sizes from Small through 4-XL. Although this trainer holds everything in place, that doesn’t mean that it’s overly restrictive. Its fabric doesn’t weigh a whole lot, and it does a really good job of flexing with the movements of the wearer. That makes it a great companion for just about anyone to wear during workouts.

8. ShaperX Waist Training Corset Belt

Regardless of whether this waist trainer is worn during the day underneath clothing, or is used as a workout garment in the gym, it’s sure to convey a whole lot of benefits to the wearer while they’re wearing it. That’s because this trainer not only cinches the waist and presenting an hourglass look when worn under clothing, but it also causes the wearer to sweat more during workouts and resulting in a loss of belly fit. This garment also does an amazing job of providing back support and can even improve a person’s posture if they wear it regularly.

7. Venuzor Waist Training Belt For Women

Manufactured using high-quality materials and available in an assortment of different colors, this waist trainer can easily be worn either underneath clothing or over clothing so the wearer can achieve the results they want to achieve. It can be used underneath clothing to produce that perfect hourglass shape and to trim down a person’s waistline, or it can be worn over the wearer’s clothing to take their workouts to the next level. It even provides back support, so the wearer has additional lumbar support while working out. All of these features make this a great product for any physically active person or anyone trying to achieve a slimmer shape.

6. Yianna Women’s Latex Sports Trainer

If there’s one thing we’re sure about, it’s the fact that they’re a lot of great waist trainers available for sale nowadays. Some might even say that it’s the golden age of the waist trainer. So it’s quite natural for someone to ask why this trainer is any different from all of the other great ones available. But it does have one thing that separates it from the pack and that something is that it’s available in sizes that will fit almost everyone. These trainers are available in Small sizes and a multitude of different sizes from small through 6-XL. Thanks to this garment, anyone can enjoy the waist slimming and fat-burning properties of using a trainer.

5. Lady Slim Latex Waist Shaper

Designed in a fashion that’s very similar to a corset, this high-quality trainer is designed to slim down the wearer’s waist and give them a truly beautiful hourglass shape. This product is manufactured using 100% natural latex, so it not only provides the compression a woman needs to achieve a slimmer waistline, but it does it without a heavy smell to it. It’s also made with a hook and eye closure system that makes it easy to put on and take off as necessary. And finally, it’s available in a wide assortment of colors and styles that include black, pink print, purple print, yellow print, and beige.

4. Eleady Best Neoprene Trainer Corset

Although we can’t verify the fat burning results that this trainer claims to have, we can say that it does a great job of cinching a person’s mid-section and is made from high-quality materials. This trainer comes with a hook and eye closure system that features 4 full-hooks that provide the compression and stability a person needs while wearing it. It also has an underbust design that gives the wearer an hourglass shape by pulling in their tummy and pushing up their breasts. And since it provides support along the lumbar region as well, it can also help improve a person’s posture.

3. Nebility Women’s Zippered Body Shaper

This body shaper is a training vest that’s made from a combination of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. This not only makes it durable and comfortable enough to wear all day long, but it also allows it to provide a great deal of compression to the wearer’s midsection. It has a shape to it that pushes up the breasts and cinches the waist to create an hourglass effect that has to be seen to be believed. And since it has adjustable shoulder straps, a zipper and hook/eye closures, it’s easy for the person to adjust it to fit the curves of their body.

2. Mermaid’s Mystery Unisex Training Belt

There are several reasons to like this unisex waist trainer. For one, it’s made out of a soft neoprene that’s 4 millimeters thick and provides the heat retention the wearer needs to enhance their thermogenic activity while burning more fat. It’s also capable of providing the wearer with an instant hourglass figure, and it can easily be worn underneath a person’s clothing. Another thing to like about this waist trainer is that it’s comfortable and flexible, so the wearer won’t be inconvenienced by wearing it. And finally, it’s capable of providing the back support a person needs to maintain proper posture.

1. Tailong Men’s Workout Training Belt

Although there are dozens of different waist trainers designed for women, there aren’t as many available that are designed for men. Fortunately, this trainer is designed to be used by men. This high-quality trainer has 9 steel-bones that provide the wearer with extra brace support and it has 3 adjustable hooks that allow the wearer to change the compression level to their desired preferences. All of these features make this trainer perfect for wearing while running or cycling, or wearing while lifting or doing squats. And that’s why it’s one of the best training belts that’s currently available.

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A Guide To Sizing Waist Trainers

As we feel that we’ve adequately demonstrated, there’s a variety of different waist trainers available for consumers to choose from. Now, our readers have to find out how to size their trainer so that it fits correctly, and we’re here to help solve that problem right now. Below are the tips and tricks for sizing a trainer, so the consumer can buy the best waist trainer available.

Step One: Take Your Body’s Measurements

Unsurprisingly, the first step to buying a waist trainer is for the consumer to measure their body. After all, without knowing their proper body measurements, consumers have a zero chance of choosing a great trainer. The main measurements that are needed before buying a waist trainer include measurements of the underbust, the waist, the upper hip and the length of the torso. Below are some tips for measuring each of these four sections below.

  • The Underbust Measurement: Measuring parallel to the ground, measure around the body right at the bottom of the bra area.
  • The True Waist Measurement: This measurement is taken one inch above the belly button.
  • The Upper Hip Measurement: This measurement is taken right at the hip bone or just below the hip bone.
  • The Torso Length Measurement: This is measurement is from directly underneath the breast to the top of the thigh.

Step Two: Figure Out The Sizing Of The Waist Trainer

With measurements in hand, it’s time to size the corset. As a general rule, consumers should choose a waist trainer that is 7 to 10-inches smaller than their waist, if their True Waist Measurement is over 38-inches. If their True Waist Measurement is under 38-inches, then they should choose a waist trainer that’s approximately 4 to 7-inches smaller than their True Waist. Of course, those figures can be adjusted according to the user’s preferences.

Step Three: Consider Other Options

Now there are a few options the consumer needs to consider. One of the first things they need to consider is whether they want an Under Bust or Over Bust Trainer. Overbust models are designed to act as a bra and to go over the chest area. These waist trainers will give the wearer a very definite silhouette. Underbust models, as the name implies, are designed to fit underneath the bust. These trainers are good for people who only want to cinch their waist and not affect their entire silhouette.

Consumers should also consider boning on their waist cincher if they’re looking for a very small waist. Boning is a lot like an underwire on a bra and it’s designed to hold the waist tight. However, because it forces the waist in tight and creates an hourglass shape, some consumers might not want to get one with boning. If you are choosing a one with boning, be sure that it’s steel boning and not plastic. Plastic is simply not durable enough for long-term use.

Step Four: Pick A Waist Trainer Material

What the waist trainer is made from is also very important. Most waist trainers are made from latex, vinyl, satin or velvet. This is mainly a matter of personal choice since the material has very little impact on how well the product cinches the waist. It’s mostly a matter of comfort, so feel free to choose one that you feel will be more comfortable for you.

Some Final Tips

The above recommendations are everything that consumers need to think about when they’re choosing a new waist cincher. Just by following the above steps, the consumer should be able to get a waist trainer that fits them pretty well. However, before we conclude this guide, we would like to take a few moments and leave our readers with a few additional tips. Tips that should make the waist trainer buying experience a lot smoother. Having said that, below are some additional things that consumers are going to want to consider when they’re buying a new trainer.

  • Only choose a waist trainer that’s 3-inches smaller than the true waist if it’s being used for fashion.
  • Only choose a waist trainer that’s 3 to 5-inches smaller than true waist if it’s being used for back support.
  • Individuals with taller torsos and more body mass can usually use a trainer that’s 6 to 8-inches smaller than their true waist.
  • Only buy trainers with metal clasps, plastic clasps are not acceptable and won’t hold up to regular use.
  • Waist trainers will stretch out over time.
  • Only wear a waist trainer for 1-2 hours for the first few times you use it.